Monday, June 30, 2008

The Beach

Well were off to the beach for a few days to stay with the Bakers. We did our usual stay on the beach all morning, eat lunch, take a snooze, get showered, eat supper and end the day on the beach routine. The boys really enjoyed themselves and spending time with their cousins. We only managed to break one thing...the spray nozzle on the hose. So it was a not-so-problematic weekend (see golf cart story below). But there's always the 4th of July up at the lake (all weekend).

Sweet sandy Sam

Beach bunny Fu-Fu (The beach was PA-ZACKED!!!!)

Cousins posing in front of their beach silhouettes Madeline (3), Fulton (2.75), Kirstin (9.75), and Sam (5.75)
Sam and Shannon played ping pong...While Fu and I flew our Batman kiteWhat's that Fu-ster???
Running from the tide
Takin' a dip after dinner ( I've always loved the beach after dinner...I think my boys do to. I think it is the most beautiful time on the beach.)

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