Monday, June 30, 2008

The Beach

Well were off to the beach for a few days to stay with the Bakers. We did our usual stay on the beach all morning, eat lunch, take a snooze, get showered, eat supper and end the day on the beach routine. The boys really enjoyed themselves and spending time with their cousins. We only managed to break one thing...the spray nozzle on the hose. So it was a not-so-problematic weekend (see golf cart story below). But there's always the 4th of July up at the lake (all weekend).

Sweet sandy Sam

Beach bunny Fu-Fu (The beach was PA-ZACKED!!!!)

Cousins posing in front of their beach silhouettes Madeline (3), Fulton (2.75), Kirstin (9.75), and Sam (5.75)
Sam and Shannon played ping pong...While Fu and I flew our Batman kiteWhat's that Fu-ster???
Running from the tide
Takin' a dip after dinner ( I've always loved the beach after dinner...I think my boys do to. I think it is the most beautiful time on the beach.)

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Happy Birthday to Brooks!

Oh what night!!!! Shannon and I went out to celebrate our 9th anniversary and topped our night off with who-else but... THE WHEELERS for Brooks' 35th birthday. We missed dinner with them but were able to catch up with them for the night life! We had a ball and stayed out soooooo late but that's okay when the kids are away!!! We got to sleep til NOON. That's right...I said NOOOOOOOOON!

We ended up at the Saloon in five points. I was a little skeptical of this whole Western Bar concept but it was actually great fun. Even better...It was KARAOKE NIGHT!!!!! Yee-haw! Only country songs aloud.

Happy Anniversary (again), Shan!!!!

Me, Donna, Brooks (The B-day Girl!!!), Ashley, and April

April and David kicked us off with a little duet...April and David are just as much junkies for the mike as I am!!!

Next on stage...David and Patrick (Ashley's husband)

It's CLAUDIE-OKIE time (as my dad and I like to call it) and time to crank it up with a little signature Tammy Wynette

A little trio by Brooks, April, and me...a little diddy called FANCY
Brooks tried her fancy footwork at line go girl!

As usual, it was a blast...Happy Birthday, Brooks! Thanks for having us...We love you!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy 9th Anniversary Shannon!!!!

Wow!!! Another year has flown by. Here we are celebrating NUMBER NINE!!!! I can't believe it. We have had another great year together creating lots of memories with our boys and with each other. Shannon is so special to me. I am so fortunate to get to grow up/old with an amazing person. He is patient and so kind and puts up with more than most people would. I appreciate all that he does for our family. My boys and I think he hung the moon! Some days I wonder if I'm dreaming. Could he really be mine??? But I am not dreaming...God has truly blessed me with a wonderful companion and soul mate to share my life with. I look forward to celebrating many more anniversaries with my sweet Shannon.
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, SHANNY MCFANNY!!!! I love you more than you'll ever know. And if it's even possible...I love you more everyday!!! You're the best!

AC Flora Prom 1993
Straight from the archives of Cathy P. Tronco (Oh my goot-ness!!! I know she di-int!)

The Baker Family present day! (Looking just a smidge more normal.)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Middle-aged Fire Dog Tech

Many of you already know that Nic is one of the head techs for the Fire-Dog Squad at Circuit City (Like the Geek Squad at Best Buy.) Their uniform is supposed to be the lime green polo and khakis. And most of you know Nic has a very small frame and would look ridiculous in a men's large shirt which is what he was first issued. The store finally so kindly provided him with a Men's medium which Nic claims you have to be a middle-aged computer geek to wear so that it will accommodate a healthy round beer gut that hangs over your waistband. A middle-aged tech is also required to wear white socks, loafers, and high water khakis. Nic decided to dress the part until they get him the right size shirt. (He didn't wear it to was just for a good laugh at home.) My mom and Jenny laughed hysterically for hours. I too thought this picture was pretty priceless.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy 61st Birthday, Dad!

Happy 61st Birthday to Dad!!!!

Since Dad got the big hoorah last year for his 60th, we took it easy this year and had a small cupcake and ice cream mini-party. Some of our family came over to mom's and we sang happy birthday and chatted and stuffed our faces as usual!!! There's always good food involved!

Shannon missed out on the fun due to a business trip to Boston. Michael and Clayton and their families saved gas money and made a phone call instead.

We hope dad had a great day! He works so hard and truly deserves a restful and fun day!

Happy Birthday, Dad (a.k.a. Boppa)!!!!

Cousin Tina, Fulton, and Me
61 from above
Me and my boys

Boppa and his partner in crime enjoying a cold beverage
The many wives of Mike.

We have a running joke that my dad has 4 wives. Dad is always willing to lend a helping hand. Whenever there is a task to be completed...he's on the case. My mom's sisters are widowed and my cousin is divorced so if they need man power or assistance they know trusty-ol' Mike will come to the rescue. They all love and appreciate him dearly and his sentiments are the same. My mom's sisters and my sweet cousins have always been so good to us and dad just likes to be able to return the favor! (And mom doesn't mind sharing gets him out of her hair for a while ;-) !)

My cute baby cousins!!! Heather and her friend BJ, Charlie, and Kyle