Monday, May 12, 2008

Was that a tree we just heard???

LATE Sunday night during the big wind storm, a tree fell on my sweet neighbor's house. Mrs. Netta has been in her house for 45+ years and had the contents of her entire attic fall into her Living room, Den, and kitchen. It was crazy!!!! I was so glad she was okay. Netta's prized possession, her Mercedes SUV was her saving grace and broke the fall of tree, reducing its momentum and keeping it from doing further damage. While it broke the fall of the tree, it only had a few minor dents and scratches to the roof. We were all blown away!
On Monday, it was such a spectacle on our street. Netta has FIVE (apparently) very powerful sons and one of them came in town to save the day and help his mama. It was awesome...they had all kinds of crews hoppin' at daybreak to remove the tree, clean up her house, and repair her roof. Just 12 hours after the tree fell, I was helping her pick out her new roof. I was amazed. I had never seen any relief efforts happen so quickly. Maybe they needed the Corontzes boys in New Orleans!!! They actually used a crane to lift the tree off her house. The boys stood outside and watched EVERYTHING along with the rest of the neighborhood. None of us could believe that she made it out okay. A few pieces of sheet rock fell on her knee but other than she was okay.

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