Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rosewood Crawfish Festival

Brock, Shannon and Michael
Shannon and baby James Ryan

The Blanket Brigade
Grant Sam and William


Cannon and April
This weekend we got out and enjoyed the lovely warm temps at the Rosewood Crawfish Festival. I am not a fan of crawfish but everything else was wonderful!!! There were lots of kiddie things to do and there was great music too.
We met with some friends and sat on the lawn across the way from the stage to listen to the wonderfully entertaining band from Louisiana, Cowboy Mouth. We used to go see them all time in my younger years. It took me back for a second...until Fulton and Sam tackled me as I sat on the blanket on the lawn, asking for drinks and food and rides, etc. Then I suddenly remembered that a whole lot has changed!!!! (But in a good way) The Dorseys, Wheelers, Barkers, Overdykes, Dillards, Virtues, and Oanas joined us. It was a great crowd and everyone enjoyed themselves!!!
We're already looking forward to next year!!!

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