Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh! Yes we did!

This is by far the most hysterical theme party I have ever held or been to! Shannon and I hosted my Bunco group for a WHITE TRASH COOKOUT. Everyone came in their trashiest digs. The Dollar General and Walmart did some great business in the days prior.

My Bunco group attempts to do themes monthly but since we were hosting and I happen to be a theme-a-saurus...we decided to go all out!!!
Don't you just envy my centerpiece...a Bojangles's signature vase w/faux daisies donning the dollar general price tag!!!!

Our guests pitched-in to provide a lovely fare of burgers and dogs with all the fixin's, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, Trey's signature "better-than-sex-cake", The McLendon's "marriage-saver ice cream pie", and of course... sweet tea.

The white tent w/ icicle lights pitched in the front yard made for a great gathering place

Or maybe it was the plastic yard furniture, work benches and coolers "in the round" in the front yard.

The clothesline made for a fantastic "party marker"and wonderful photo back drop

A white trash cookout wouldn't be complete w/out the grillin' goin' on in the front yard!

Our lovely Saw-horse and plywood scrap table worked perfectly for our appetizer buffet and how about that centerpiece in the orange crush bottle

Our precious guest did not leave empty handed...they each carried home a lovely fly-swatter
Ansley in her redneck get-up
Tommy, John and Patrick strike a redneck pose
Ya like my tatt??? It says "sweetheart"
Allison McL., Shannon K., Ellen S., Claudia B.(please note the rolled down knee-hi), Mason H., Neal K., Darby K., Jen A., Marie P., Ansley G.
Leighton McL., Brian K., Tommy S., Patrick G., John A., Trey K., Patrick K., Steven P., Jimmy H., Shannon B.

Meet our Beautiful couples...

Patrick & Darby (They made their grand entrance with Patrick wearing buck teeth dentures, a mullet wig, and camo pants, while Darby sported a one-shoulder overall w/ a camo tank and announcing their baby news...Baby #4 on board!!!!)
Tommy & Ellen (They pulled it off perfectly...Tommy with a cut off flannel shirt and hat atop his head Ellen-was going for an All American look in her patriotic tank, #8 racing cap, and BRIGHT RED BOOTS!)
Neal & Trey  (The pregnant couple sported some real nice outfits...Neal-Big hair, a homemade safety pin necklace, really big hair, and a sign on her belly asking "Who's my baby-daddy?" Trey-some fabulous overalls and a perfect red-neck fitting hat. Trey also entertained us with redneck pickup lines)
Claudia & Shannon (Redneck w/ a twist or should I say curl...Claudia went for a trailer park mama look in her purple moo-moo, blue eye-shadow, pink rollers, and purple slippers w/ rolled knee-hi's. Shannon is your typical white trash, wife-beating, piece of work. He wore Sam's grave digger hat (as seen in an earlier post) and a gold chain to complete his ensemble. He also DID NOT SHAVE THE ENTIRE WEEK PRIOR TO THE PARTY.)
Me and my rolled-knee-hi's
Patrick & Ansley  (I think they won the KING & QUEEN of the Trailer Park...They were wearing some choice T-shirts Patrick: "I am McLovin'" Ansley: "You shook me all night long" Ansley found ultra-tacky accessories to compliment her attire, gaudy jewelry, red high-heels, and "suntan" hose.)
Allison & Leighton (They looked redneck prime wearing their race-day garb and tattoos. Allison's rolled sleeves showed off a real feminine side and her tattoos. Leighton showed us all that he's a Bud man!)
Mason & Jimmy  (They made a great pair in their white t's, jeans, and highschool class rings on gold chains. Mason's tattoos and many pieces of gold jewelry really added the final touched to her outfit! )
Steven & Marie  (Steven is wearing a blond mullet wig and and a Spencer's original t-shirt (I'll let you read it for yourself). Marie is wearing a fabulous t-shirt that says "I ain't leavin' til I'm heavin'" and the best big hair you've ever seen.)
Shannon & Brian  (they decided to take it easy with they're redneck attire...we were just glad they were there...they're only a few weeks postpartum!!!)
Jen & John  (Are lookin' good in their camo hats...John's duck boots and cut off jeans went very nicely w/ Jen's husband-beater t-shirt. Must have been very comfy in their white trash gear...they stayed til the wee hours with us!)
My neighbors thought we were nuts but loved watching us set the scene. One neighbor even asked me if our drier was broken!!!!!I cannot explain exactly how hilarious this was...I highly recommend it! No wonder rednecks have so much fun!!! Any who, everybody was a great sport and had so much fun. This is such a great group of girls and equally great husbands. Although we missed a few of our group members due to sitters and the FLU, it certainly was a great time!

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Mommy Causey said...

That is so hilarious, again.. you are the most creative person ever! I know you guys had a great time and you and Shannon's costumes were the best!! I always love your blog, it is so entertaining!