Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy 70th Birthday to Aunt Laynie!

THE BIG 7-0!!!!

Aunt Laynie, Emily, and Renee...3 Generations (We were sad that Emily's twin sister Sidney couldn't be there.)

A very pretty and very LARGE cake

Sam helps Laynie put out the fire
Say Cheese...Cousins Alice and Tina, Aunt Judy, Uncle "Bubba", Ms. Ann, and Aunt Laynie
The 3 sisters...Mom, Aunt Laynie, and Aunt Judy

The Hosts
Sam and Fu had MORE than a good time
Me and My Laynie

And Nic providing a little comedy in Sam's rain coat!!!
Emily, Renee, and David
A pouty FuFu and his Boppa

Happy Birthday to Aunt Laynie!!!! We hosted a BBQ Birthday Party for my Aunt Laynie's 70th. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves. We had simple BBQ dinner with blue cheese chips to die for and chowed on some awesome cake afterwards. I was so glad a few of our relatives that we don't frequently see were able to come (but also sad that several others couldn't make it). It was steamy outside so we kept it all indoors and shared funny stories and great conversation. We hope Aunt Laynie had a great time. She deserves it!

A note to Aunt Laynie: We love you, Laynie!!!!! You are so special to us and we appreciate ALL you do for us. All your kind gestures to me and my boys never go unnoticed and are appreciated more than you know.
Thanks for being "My Layine"!

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