Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Batteries not included...

Funny Story:
The other night at bed time poor little Fu was so upset b/c he wanted to sleep in Sam's room. In my lame attempt to console him while I rocked him, I explained my intentions to bunk them when they get a little older.
I said, "you know buddy, when you get a little bigger it's gonna be so cool!! You'll have a bed and Sam will have a bed and y'all can sleep in the same room."
And he said, "but I'm bigger now."
I replied, "you are big but we need to wait until your birthday comes again."
And being only 2-1/2 he responded..."and Daddy's gonna put some batteries in my back so I can get even bigger."
I guess as the band-aid heals everything in a two year-old's mind...so do batteries! With the energy Fu has...I think we'd actually need a generator versus a few AA's.

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