Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Girls Night!!!

One of my dearest friends came in town for the night on Friday. We decided to have a well-deserved Girls night. We made reservations for a peaceful dinner at Dianne's and kept the night going a couple of doors down at Za's.

It was so wonderful to see Summer. We all miss her terribly even though she's only a few miles down the road. We laughed so hard and told funny stories and created great new memories as well. It was a really fun night!

I just adore my sweet girlfriends and love our crazy nights out...But sometimes I feel like I'm getting WAAAAAY TOOOOO Old for this!!!

Here's a tell tale sign you're too old for this stuff...I asked someone what the bartender's name was and they said it was Sam. So as I called his familiar name for him to take my order..."Say-um, Say-um", he turned and laughed and said oh my gosh you say that just like my MOM!!! (HELLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Wake -up call!) My reply...that's because I AM a Sam's mom! Any whooooooo! Time to go home!!!!!

Brooks, Me, Ansley, and Summer

We had the giggles the entire night...I'm sure all those young kids in the bar thought...What are those old ladies on??? I think we were just glad to see Summer and glad to be out and not on bedtime duty.
April popped into Za's to meet us for a while
Summertime and Ans
How does April's husband, Chris always end up on the girls nights out????

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