Monday, May 26, 2008

If you don't read anything this!!!

You won't need pictures for this...just close your eyes and imagine.
It was a rather destructive Memorial Day! Let's see...where should I begin...hmmm
Okay, we arrive at the lake. Our arrival was postponed 24 hours due to the amazing stomach virus that Fulton so kindly shared with me. We got there in time for brunch which I didn't want to have ANYTHING to do with. And you know I felt bad if I was declining the invitation to eat good food!
Any who...we got Shannon's Dad (Papa) to put the boat in for us so we could take the boys out for a joy ride. As we are loading up he has to remind us, as he does EVERY TIME we go to the lake, that Shannon (and I) break something on every visit. He then has to go through the list (some of which was not our fault but we just let him think it was). So we drift away, stomach cramps and all and actually enjoyed a nice long joy ride with the boys. It was a beautiful day.
Well, feeling brave and responsible because we returned without an episode, Shannon and I put Fu down for a nap and got Sam settled into an activity with NaNa and asked "H. Wayne Baker" (as I have affectionately called him for 16 years) if we could take the boat out by ourselves. So we got the lecture again and proceeded to cruise on out feeling as young and free as we did many years ago in Papa' s boat. When suddenly a familiar predicament arose....the boat just stopped running. Shannon tinkered and plundered and went to call his dad and realized he had no phone. We sat back and laughed and found great humor in the irony. Shannon then got out the PADDLE and began nudge us a few feet at a time all the way back across the lake towards Nana and Papa's house (who were we kidding?). So I sat back again and enjoyed the comic relief. I definitely felt like I was an irresponsible 18 year-old again. Then suddenly a man pulls up along side us and asked if we wanted a tow...we kindly accepted and enjoyed our long way back home holding onto their ski rope from Papa's boat. Needless to say...when we got home Shannon got the lecture again and we just had to cackle!
Enter the brand-new Gamecock Golf Cart, Papa's newest prized possession. It's garnet and black color scheme gets spit shined regularly. The boys have always LOVED riding on Papa's golf carts at the lake and the beach. So we dared to ask Papa if we could take the boys out on his new toy. After the boat incident we got a surprising "sure, that's fine." WOW!!! So Shannon and I rode about 3/4 of a mile down the road to Shannon's Uncle Terry's beautiful new Lake House. Only Uncle Terry has decided the lake is too far away and no longer wants to live there so it's on the market if anyone's interested. So as we finished peeking around the house we decided to go take a look in the giant workshop in the back. As Shannon and I are looking I hear a high pitched beeping noise. I turned my head to capture a mother's worst unmanned vehicle rolling down the hill with both of her children on board!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank God for the many years of Hail Mary's, Glory Be's, and Our Father's I said in Catholic school because it SHO wasn't me in charge right then. All that would come out of my mouth was a very loud and repetitious OH GOD!!!! I looked at Fu's terrified face and heard Sam screaming and thought my heart was going to stop. I have said since Fu was born that he has an old soul. He's wise beyond his years and problem solves better than most adults. The Fu-ster looked at Sam as if to say "Check ya later buddy I'm not goin' down with you this time" and leaped off the back of the Golf Cart. Unharmed.
So Sam's still rolling down the hill and what on earth is taking Shannon so long to get to him????? All I could think was...okay I can handle a a few broken bones but not a traumatic brain injury. So I yelled JUMP, Sam!!!! And he did just that. At that moment I realized that all the Dukes of Hazard episodes that Sam has seen weren't so bad after all and actually paid off. He did a flip and few rolls and popped right back up on his feet. We stood there as one big happy family and watched as the golf cart rolled right into Uncle Terry's new garage door. The door was irreparable but the Golf Cart remained unscratched. Yet again, God was on our side.
We dreaded delivering the news to H. Wayne for fear of another lecture. But EVERYONE took it well and we were all glad that the boys were okay. Needless to say...that night I prayed harder than I've prayed in a while, thanking God for being in charge one more time and keeping my boys safe!!!! It was definitely a MEMORIAL DAY!!!
A note to parents: Safeguard your Golf Carts!!!! This could have been much worse. I have heard of several accidents that did not turn out as well involving children. It was only about 15 seconds of drama but it seemed like forever and not to could have caused a life time of issues for my sweet boys had they reacted differently or had the cart gone into the water!!!! Holy Cow!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cattie stops by for a visit

You may remember a post in recent months about our new family pet, Cattie. I reassured Sam and Fulton as we released Cattie into the wild that he would one day come back to visit. They couldn't believe their eyes when Cattie appeared as a beautiful butterfly. It was amazing how this little butterfly seemed to hang around our front yard all afternoon. Sam and Fu had so much fun chasing him and trying to catch him. Maybe Cattie really did appreciate the yummy, leaves, water, and twigs we provided for him in his make-shift terrarium. I think he was just fluttering by to thank us for helping him become a beautiful butterfly!! It was good to see you, Cattie. You look like you're doing well!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy 70th Birthday to Aunt Laynie!

THE BIG 7-0!!!!

Aunt Laynie, Emily, and Renee...3 Generations (We were sad that Emily's twin sister Sidney couldn't be there.)

A very pretty and very LARGE cake

Sam helps Laynie put out the fire
Say Cheese...Cousins Alice and Tina, Aunt Judy, Uncle "Bubba", Ms. Ann, and Aunt Laynie
The 3 sisters...Mom, Aunt Laynie, and Aunt Judy

The Hosts
Sam and Fu had MORE than a good time
Me and My Laynie

And Nic providing a little comedy in Sam's rain coat!!!
Emily, Renee, and David
A pouty FuFu and his Boppa

Happy Birthday to Aunt Laynie!!!! We hosted a BBQ Birthday Party for my Aunt Laynie's 70th. Everyone truly enjoyed themselves. We had simple BBQ dinner with blue cheese chips to die for and chowed on some awesome cake afterwards. I was so glad a few of our relatives that we don't frequently see were able to come (but also sad that several others couldn't make it). It was steamy outside so we kept it all indoors and shared funny stories and great conversation. We hope Aunt Laynie had a great time. She deserves it!

A note to Aunt Laynie: We love you, Laynie!!!!! You are so special to us and we appreciate ALL you do for us. All your kind gestures to me and my boys never go unnoticed and are appreciated more than you know.
Thanks for being "My Layine"!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The End of an Era

(And mommy says hello to Xanax!)
Who knew the last day of Kilbourne Park for Sam would be one of the most emotionally draining days of my life as a parent. I cried as I went to sleep on Tuesday night...thanking God for these precious years with him but also praying that He will help me to slow down and take it all in, as these first 5 years of Sam's life have FLOWN. It sounds so cliche, but it is so true. I cried as we walked out the door and got into the car to go to pre-school for the last time, as we walked into the church for the 4 year-old program, as they sang the Kilbourne Park song, as he cleaned out his cubby and waved good-bye to his first little school, and as I talked to my mom & Brooks on the phone that afternoon about our big changes. He's my first little birdie to leave the pre-school nest...what am I going to do when he gets married???? I think I need to go ahead and reserve a room at the Baptist Hospital.

Sam was practically born into KP pre-school. I worked there just before he was born and he became a "student" at just 3 months old in the baby room. he stayed in the baby room for 2 years then moved to the ones (you know the whole Sept. 1st b-day thing). It's the sweetest little school. I have loved EVERY year that he has been there.

I can't believe it's time for him to move on to much bigger things. He will be in big boy 5K next year. I will truly miss those days of snuggling til 8:00 a.m., 9:00 drop off & 12:00 pick up, lunch play dates, playing hookie as often as we'd like ;-), sweet little songs and nursery rhymes, and most of all the sweet little school that seems to be protected by a "bubble" of faith in Jesus Christ.

I am so glad to have been able to spend these past 5 years at home and enjoying all this with Sam. I wouldn't trade it for the world. We are now moving into a new era and getting excited about ALL the wonderful things to come!

Where has the time gone???? For some reason, when he was born I didn't think he'd ever get big. Well I was really wrong! Here he is so big, still so precious, and moving on to the next BIG thing. His days in pre-school have been so wonderful and I wish he could stay there forever but I know he has some really great years ahead and big-boy school will be just as amazing.

A note to Sam: You truly are a gift from above and have so much to offer the world. Your big blue eyes, infectious grin, and eagerness to learn will get you very far in life. We love you sweet baby boy!!!

1 year-old class
2 year-old class
3 year-old class

4 year-old classSome of Sam's classmates at the 4 year-old program
Sweet Mrs. Walsh (a tough act to follow!!!!)

Sam's best bud Keith Giese at the school picnic" Sam Todd", "Sam Baker", and Evan Sam and "Keithie" enjoying a celebratory snack one last time!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another Girls Night!!!

One of my dearest friends came in town for the night on Friday. We decided to have a well-deserved Girls night. We made reservations for a peaceful dinner at Dianne's and kept the night going a couple of doors down at Za's.

It was so wonderful to see Summer. We all miss her terribly even though she's only a few miles down the road. We laughed so hard and told funny stories and created great new memories as well. It was a really fun night!

I just adore my sweet girlfriends and love our crazy nights out...But sometimes I feel like I'm getting WAAAAAY TOOOOO Old for this!!!

Here's a tell tale sign you're too old for this stuff...I asked someone what the bartender's name was and they said it was Sam. So as I called his familiar name for him to take my order..."Say-um, Say-um", he turned and laughed and said oh my gosh you say that just like my MOM!!! (HELLOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Wake -up call!) My reply...that's because I AM a Sam's mom! Any whooooooo! Time to go home!!!!!

Brooks, Me, Ansley, and Summer

We had the giggles the entire night...I'm sure all those young kids in the bar thought...What are those old ladies on??? I think we were just glad to see Summer and glad to be out and not on bedtime duty.
April popped into Za's to meet us for a while
Summertime and Ans
How does April's husband, Chris always end up on the girls nights out????

Baseball Season comes to an end

Sam's first tee-ball season has come to a close. He really did well! We were so proud of him and amazed at how far he has come. Soccer last year, as you may recall form older posts, was a DISASTER!!! But this was really wonderful. He had a sweet team and learned lots of great skills. I think he'll forever want to be #5. Every time he sees something with a 5 he says "hey that's my baseball number!" And he is SUPER-PROUD of his trophy!
Any was a fun season. I really enjoyed yet another milestone in Sam's life.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Was that a tree we just heard???

LATE Sunday night during the big wind storm, a tree fell on my sweet neighbor's house. Mrs. Netta has been in her house for 45+ years and had the contents of her entire attic fall into her Living room, Den, and kitchen. It was crazy!!!! I was so glad she was okay. Netta's prized possession, her Mercedes SUV was her saving grace and broke the fall of tree, reducing its momentum and keeping it from doing further damage. While it broke the fall of the tree, it only had a few minor dents and scratches to the roof. We were all blown away!
On Monday, it was such a spectacle on our street. Netta has FIVE (apparently) very powerful sons and one of them came in town to save the day and help his mama. It was awesome...they had all kinds of crews hoppin' at daybreak to remove the tree, clean up her house, and repair her roof. Just 12 hours after the tree fell, I was helping her pick out her new roof. I was amazed. I had never seen any relief efforts happen so quickly. Maybe they needed the Corontzes boys in New Orleans!!! They actually used a crane to lift the tree off her house. The boys stood outside and watched EVERYTHING along with the rest of the neighborhood. None of us could believe that she made it out okay. A few pieces of sheet rock fell on her knee but other than she was okay.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Oh! Yes we did!

This is by far the most hysterical theme party I have ever held or been to! Shannon and I hosted my Bunco group for a WHITE TRASH COOKOUT. Everyone came in their trashiest digs. The Dollar General and Walmart did some great business in the days prior.

My Bunco group attempts to do themes monthly but since we were hosting and I happen to be a theme-a-saurus...we decided to go all out!!!
Don't you just envy my centerpiece...a Bojangles's signature vase w/faux daisies donning the dollar general price tag!!!!

Our guests pitched-in to provide a lovely fare of burgers and dogs with all the fixin's, baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, Trey's signature "better-than-sex-cake", The McLendon's "marriage-saver ice cream pie", and of course... sweet tea.

The white tent w/ icicle lights pitched in the front yard made for a great gathering place

Or maybe it was the plastic yard furniture, work benches and coolers "in the round" in the front yard.

The clothesline made for a fantastic "party marker"and wonderful photo back drop

A white trash cookout wouldn't be complete w/out the grillin' goin' on in the front yard!

Our lovely Saw-horse and plywood scrap table worked perfectly for our appetizer buffet and how about that centerpiece in the orange crush bottle

Our precious guest did not leave empty handed...they each carried home a lovely fly-swatter
Ansley in her redneck get-up
Tommy, John and Patrick strike a redneck pose
Ya like my tatt??? It says "sweetheart"
Allison McL., Shannon K., Ellen S., Claudia B.(please note the rolled down knee-hi), Mason H., Neal K., Darby K., Jen A., Marie P., Ansley G.
Leighton McL., Brian K., Tommy S., Patrick G., John A., Trey K., Patrick K., Steven P., Jimmy H., Shannon B.

Meet our Beautiful couples...

Patrick & Darby (They made their grand entrance with Patrick wearing buck teeth dentures, a mullet wig, and camo pants, while Darby sported a one-shoulder overall w/ a camo tank and announcing their baby news...Baby #4 on board!!!!)
Tommy & Ellen (They pulled it off perfectly...Tommy with a cut off flannel shirt and hat atop his head Ellen-was going for an All American look in her patriotic tank, #8 racing cap, and BRIGHT RED BOOTS!)
Neal & Trey  (The pregnant couple sported some real nice outfits...Neal-Big hair, a homemade safety pin necklace, really big hair, and a sign on her belly asking "Who's my baby-daddy?" Trey-some fabulous overalls and a perfect red-neck fitting hat. Trey also entertained us with redneck pickup lines)
Claudia & Shannon (Redneck w/ a twist or should I say curl...Claudia went for a trailer park mama look in her purple moo-moo, blue eye-shadow, pink rollers, and purple slippers w/ rolled knee-hi's. Shannon is your typical white trash, wife-beating, piece of work. He wore Sam's grave digger hat (as seen in an earlier post) and a gold chain to complete his ensemble. He also DID NOT SHAVE THE ENTIRE WEEK PRIOR TO THE PARTY.)
Me and my rolled-knee-hi's
Patrick & Ansley  (I think they won the KING & QUEEN of the Trailer Park...They were wearing some choice T-shirts Patrick: "I am McLovin'" Ansley: "You shook me all night long" Ansley found ultra-tacky accessories to compliment her attire, gaudy jewelry, red high-heels, and "suntan" hose.)
Allison & Leighton (They looked redneck prime wearing their race-day garb and tattoos. Allison's rolled sleeves showed off a real feminine side and her tattoos. Leighton showed us all that he's a Bud man!)
Mason & Jimmy  (They made a great pair in their white t's, jeans, and highschool class rings on gold chains. Mason's tattoos and many pieces of gold jewelry really added the final touched to her outfit! )
Steven & Marie  (Steven is wearing a blond mullet wig and and a Spencer's original t-shirt (I'll let you read it for yourself). Marie is wearing a fabulous t-shirt that says "I ain't leavin' til I'm heavin'" and the best big hair you've ever seen.)
Shannon & Brian  (they decided to take it easy with they're redneck attire...we were just glad they were there...they're only a few weeks postpartum!!!)
Jen & John  (Are lookin' good in their camo hats...John's duck boots and cut off jeans went very nicely w/ Jen's husband-beater t-shirt. Must have been very comfy in their white trash gear...they stayed til the wee hours with us!)
My neighbors thought we were nuts but loved watching us set the scene. One neighbor even asked me if our drier was broken!!!!!I cannot explain exactly how hilarious this was...I highly recommend it! No wonder rednecks have so much fun!!! Any who, everybody was a great sport and had so much fun. This is such a great group of girls and equally great husbands. Although we missed a few of our group members due to sitters and the FLU, it certainly was a great time!