Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Two-Headed-Bug-Eyed-Beast

And then a normal "SINGLE" bug of the same kind
Okay...this is just gross!!!!
A few weeks ago Sam mentioned that there was a two-headed bug outside (a.k.a.-the-two-headed-bug-eyed-beast). And naturally my response was "Oh really honey!!! That's amazing!" Well today we were getting out of the car after school and he said..."there it is!!!! It's the two-headed bug-eyed beast!" So I made my way over to the tree where he was standing...and sure enough...it was THE-TWO-HEADED-BUG-EYED-BEAST!!!!"
It was two bugs attached to each other and so incredibly gross!!!! I'm not sure if this is a "thing" that this kind of bug does with it's baby b/c the tag along bug is a good bit smaller than the bug pulling it. Or maybe it's a mutant of sorts???? If anyone has any insight...Do tell!!!
So when your child tells you something that you think only happens on cartoons...you may want to follow up on it!!!


georgiagirl said...

I am looking at this same bug crawling along the outside of my kitchen window right now.I googled to see if it is a genetic mutation, and your posting came up. It is definitely weird!

georgiagirl said...

I kept looking over at this bug for abtou five minutes, and suddenly they were separate. So, I wonder if they were mating. I tried googling it and found some photographs of other bugs that looked two-headed, but not this one.

Anonymous said...

I know this was years ago but just so y'all know..definately mating. They're Boxelder bugs. I found my own pair today. Rather gross. I looked it up and finally found the answer so I thought I'd pass it on