Wednesday, April 09, 2008

St. John's Women's Retreat

My Super suite-mates: Ann, Birley, Katie, Me, Jackie (my "roomie"), Darcy, & Rebecca modeling our Prayer Shawls that we made
Birley, Katie, Rebecca, Jeni, Christine after breakfast
Darcy, Sarah, Becky, Jackie, Birley, Katie, Me, Mary, Rebecca, & Ann

After much deliberating and soliciting from my friend, Christine, I decide to go on the St. John's Women's Retreat. And Thank you Christine...I'm very glad I did!!!! It was a much needed weekend away at Camp Gravatt. The Fellowship and Soul Searching was so incredibly worth it! Our speaker was great. You would think a retreat was to get away and have a little R&R but NOOOOOOOO! We stayed up so late laughing, crying, and telling great stories. Several of us even decided to plan our lifestyle on a private island...not really sure how that came up.

I had my camera with me the WHOLE TIME but didn't take ANY pictures until just before we were leaving.. (What is that?)

A note to the "Moms in the middle": I truly enjoyed getting to know all of you away from church and/or pre-school. It was wonderful to establish such a great connection with all of you. I consider all of you blessings in my life. Thanks for helping create such a fond memory of the retreat. Y'all are too precious for words!!!

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Anonymous said...

OH, now--- don't go sending me some friendly little email after telling Shayne you had cast me out!!!!

Oh. SO SICK Sunday-- totally missed everything I had been dearly waiting for with our St. John's family. No supper + too much drink + too late bedtime + no breakfast (because Maggie fell out of her chair) + hot sun + unbeknownst-still-hanging-around-now-Shayne-and-mother-and-kids-have-it VIRUS= fainting-n-vomiting near death experience on Sunday. Have you been to my life? Anyhoo-- really missed you all!

Looks like we really are leaving in early June. Check your calendar; that's like mini-weeks away. OMG. Everything is going as planned (which I never dreamed of-- thought the house would be sitting on the market until autumn and we slowly say goodbye to Columbia). Funny how Life throws that curve ball every now and again.

Can't wait to I-Spy Shannon on the big screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much love,