Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt

Fulton moves in
Sam gets his Easter loot
Round two of the playgroup is growing up so fast too!!
Brooks, Heath, Hugh and Fulton
It's time for another Playgroup Easter party. These little guys have been getting together for Easter Egg Hunts for about 4 years now. April kindly offered her home. We did out traditonal fare of cookies, cupcakes, nuggets and fruit. They enjoyed running around and playing ball and having their Easter Egg hunt.
My camera battery died :-( !!! So I didn't get our traditional group shot. I am still awaiting a copy!!!! As soon as I get it I'll be sure to update the post.
These sweet fellas are so grown up now! It's sad that we don't get together as frequently as we used to. But with 15's hard to arrange play dates around naps and extra-curricular schedules. The cool thing is that we've been a "group" for so long that each time we do get together it seems like no time has passed at all.
Note to the playgroup moms: I can't wait to get a copy of the group shot. I'm sure it's precious!! I have really enjoyed the past 4 years watching our sweet boys grow up together. I pray that we can keep them just as close through their school years. I think it so important to nurture those early bonds that they have all established. I have also enjoyed being a part of such a darling group of women!!!! Y'all are the best and What's Bakin' loves each of you!!!

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