Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Our new "pet"

Meet "Cattie"
A make-shift terrarium...this would be government housing for Caterpillars.

What's Bakin' would like to introduce y'all to our new "pet" affectionately named "Cattie" by Sam. Sam and Fulton found Mr. Caterpillar the other day and he is now a part of the family. Although, we all realize that we will be letting him go very soon (maybe after I finish this post). He has lived quite well over the past few days. He's been to school with the boys and everything! He's been snacking on Indian Hawthorne, tea olive, and grass. Sam said, "Mommy this is such a great 'havitat' for him." I thought it was so cute. And while he was all about building an appropriate habitat for him I think he's kind of "over him" now... so I think we'll let him go out into the wild and do his "Thang"! It's been nice knowin' you, Cattie. I do hope you'll flutter by and see us some day!

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