Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Two-Headed-Bug-Eyed-Beast

And then a normal "SINGLE" bug of the same kind
Okay...this is just gross!!!!
A few weeks ago Sam mentioned that there was a two-headed bug outside (a.k.a.-the-two-headed-bug-eyed-beast). And naturally my response was "Oh really honey!!! That's amazing!" Well today we were getting out of the car after school and he said..."there it is!!!! It's the two-headed bug-eyed beast!" So I made my way over to the tree where he was standing...and sure was THE-TWO-HEADED-BUG-EYED-BEAST!!!!"
It was two bugs attached to each other and so incredibly gross!!!! I'm not sure if this is a "thing" that this kind of bug does with it's baby b/c the tag along bug is a good bit smaller than the bug pulling it. Or maybe it's a mutant of sorts???? If anyone has any insight...Do tell!!!
So when your child tells you something that you think only happens on may want to follow up on it!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to Isabella!!!

Happy 3rd birthday sweet girl!!!! We love you!!!!!

Muzzy and Izzy-B take cover under her new umbrella
Sam and Fulton on the mudslide

Precious Jameson
We made a trip to Summerville to visit Isabella and Jameson. We celebrated Isabella's 3rd birthday!!! It was a blast for the boys and such a beautiful day. Michael and Kristin set up the slip n slide and cooked lots of yummy food for all their guests. We stayed a LONG time and the boys were sacked out on the way home which made for a VERY peaceful trip. It was great to visit with Michael, Kristin and the kids. We miss them so much and the boys just enjoy every minute they get to spend with them.
We can't wait to see y'all again soon!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sam the hustler!!!

Sam had a great day at tee-ball. He was put on the pitcher's mound and enjoyed his "high profile" position on the field. Bless his heart!!!! He went after every ball that came his way. He really tried his best and hustled the entire game! He's doing a great job and has really come out of his athletic shell.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to the Most Beautiful Girl in the world!!!

Our sweet and beautiful Dixie turns 12 today. We have been very blessed to have her in our lives for so many years. She has always provided us with great companionship. We love her dearly and hope she has a the royal day that she deserves.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Today's the Day...

The Teddy Bears have their PICNIC!
I was fortunate enough to join Sam's class today for their Teddy Bear Picnic. I was so thankful that it was such a beautiful day. Picnic perfect!!! They have been planning this all week. They've introduced their bears to the class and made them name-tags and everything! The students got to sit in the Prayer Garden at pre-school and enjoy the gorgeous weather and luncheon. It was a site that brought tears to my eyes as I walked into the garden and saw all those sweet babies sitting on blankets with their favorite Teddies in their laps. Part of me was teary over the fact that Sam is getting big so quickly and will soon be leaving this phase of his life. The other part of me was simply charmed by their innocence and the pure joy they get out of such a simple activity. I wish I could have frozen Sam in that moment!
Some people ask "Why do you blog?" Well...some of the time b/c it is a nice stress reliever, much like journaling and the other reason is b/c I want share the precious gifts that God has given me with as many people as I can. This moment with Sam's class today is one of those gifts. It was a time for me to check back in to reality and savor his childhood. The daily rat-race frequently gets in the way of our ability to appreciate the "little things". It means the world to me that I had an opportunity to step back for just a minute and become grounded like my 5 year-old and truly recognize that it REALLY IS about the "little things" in life that make us happy! So go ahead and blow the dust off your favorite Teddy Bear and have a will make you smile! :-)

Sneaking up on the Teddy Bear Picnic

What a sweet baby boy!!!!
There are only 4 boys in Sam's class of 11...This is Evan, Sam and Duncan (Sweet little Henry was out of town...I hate that he wasn't there)
Caroline, Mary Stephens, & Baylis
Lilly & Kelsey
Lydia & Sarah Aylan

Mrs. Walsh with her more than precious 4-year-olds and their Teddy Bears!!!!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

St. John's Women's Retreat

My Super suite-mates: Ann, Birley, Katie, Me, Jackie (my "roomie"), Darcy, & Rebecca modeling our Prayer Shawls that we made
Birley, Katie, Rebecca, Jeni, Christine after breakfast
Darcy, Sarah, Becky, Jackie, Birley, Katie, Me, Mary, Rebecca, & Ann

After much deliberating and soliciting from my friend, Christine, I decide to go on the St. John's Women's Retreat. And Thank you Christine...I'm very glad I did!!!! It was a much needed weekend away at Camp Gravatt. The Fellowship and Soul Searching was so incredibly worth it! Our speaker was great. You would think a retreat was to get away and have a little R&R but NOOOOOOOO! We stayed up so late laughing, crying, and telling great stories. Several of us even decided to plan our lifestyle on a private island...not really sure how that came up.

I had my camera with me the WHOLE TIME but didn't take ANY pictures until just before we were leaving.. (What is that?)

A note to the "Moms in the middle": I truly enjoyed getting to know all of you away from church and/or pre-school. It was wonderful to establish such a great connection with all of you. I consider all of you blessings in my life. Thanks for helping create such a fond memory of the retreat. Y'all are too precious for words!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Our new "pet"

Meet "Cattie"
A make-shift terrarium...this would be government housing for Caterpillars.

What's Bakin' would like to introduce y'all to our new "pet" affectionately named "Cattie" by Sam. Sam and Fulton found Mr. Caterpillar the other day and he is now a part of the family. Although, we all realize that we will be letting him go very soon (maybe after I finish this post). He has lived quite well over the past few days. He's been to school with the boys and everything! He's been snacking on Indian Hawthorne, tea olive, and grass. Sam said, "Mommy this is such a great 'havitat' for him." I thought it was so cute. And while he was all about building an appropriate habitat for him I think he's kind of "over him" now... so I think we'll let him go out into the wild and do his "Thang"! It's been nice knowin' you, Cattie. I do hope you'll flutter by and see us some day!