Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's Bakin' Goes Green

First of all...I have to wish Russell Wright a Happy 40th Birthday! We had a great time at his surprise party today! I am the loser that left my camera at home and didn't get any pictures. But if Birley has some...I'll have her email them because it was a great party!

We kicked our St. Paddy's Day weekend off with Russell's surprise party. The food was was a fish fry with all the fixin's!!!! Not even a few tornadoes stood in our way. We were out at Belle Grove plantation surrounded by a few barns and a picnic shelter in the middle of a field! It's not exactly where you want to be when your mom calls to warn you and 50 other people that a tornado is headed in your direction!!!! Any who... it didn't stop us!

We left Southeastern Richland County and headed to Duncan Street for the Wheeler's annual St. Paddy's party. Jim Leblanc entertained us with great music and lots of beverages and food kept our bellies satisfied. We had our usual Wheeler-of-a-time!!!!
I promise there were lots of other people there I don't know why none of them were photographed...I've gotten a little slack!

It didn't take the host with the most, David long to cut in on Jim's gig and steal the show!
Aren't they a cute couple...That's so Sam and Charlie!!!! A cozy pose!!!
Brooks, Me, Ashley, and Lisa pose for a photo opp!Do you recognize the tank top from the picture above??? And does say "I feel a SIN comin' on." I love it!!!! My face hurt so bad from laughing! And just in case you're wondering...Ashley had on layered tank tops.

Thanks for having us AGAIN!!! We had a great time AGAIN!!! We love y'all!!!

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