Saturday, March 01, 2008

Tattoo Time

Welcome to Bakers' Ink and Branding Parlor!
As if the pictures don't say enough! The Baker family has a sick and bizarre obsession with San Jose Mexican Restaurants. As most of you know, we more than frequent them. Sam and Fulton get excited over more than just the food's the tattoos after they finish eating! They each get $.50 to put in the machine and get the tackiest tattoo $ can buy. So when we get home the "reward" for taking a speedy bath without drowning or beating each other is the application of the tacky tattoo. Trust don't even want to be in the same state if one of them doesn't get their tattoo!!! They think it is the greatest thing. I'm surprised no one has called DSS on us for the inappropriate symbolism of the tattoos on our young children. It is so hilarious to see Fulton running around with a rose and dagger stamped on his arm. He could truly be the youngest member of Hell's angels. And Sam thinks his are super cool too.
Sam assumes the position on the tattoo table (Fulton's changing table)

Hot dang, Sambo!!!! That's a purdy nass shark ya got thar!
And to top it all off LITERALLY...check out the hat!
Funny story: Sam and Shannon came home from t-ball practice and Sam got out of the car with "a hat" on. I immediately thought it was his t-ball hat and got so excited saying "oh look at you...I love that hat. You look like a cool baseball player." I quickly started to realize that it was NOT the t-ball hat. So being the CHILDREN'S BOUTIQUE CLOTHING & ACCESSORY SHOPPING MOM that I am, I quickly felt the onset of what could have been the worst panic attack EVER!!!! Is that what I think it is????? A black monster truck hat with green flames!!!! Now... which Just Ducky outfit is that going to coordinate with???? And it gets worse...
So I look up to see Shannon's smirking face and him saying "I can explain". They stopped at the GAS STATION and went inside to get a drink. Sam saw the hat and fell in love. Well, Shannon knowing I would have a heart attack for him spending $15 on a TACKY GAS STATION HAT told him he wasn't going to buy it. Sam (a.k.a. by his mob name: "Sammy the Con")
went into a full-fledged badly the Gas Station attendant ripped the tag off and gave him the hat!!!! It hasn't left his head yet and he even slept in it!!

A bappy and a new tattoo...Fulton's dream come true!

A flaming Eight ball!

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