Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kilbourne Park Easter Parties

You can't see it but Fu is showing off his one egg!

Fulton and Lanier show off their awesome Easter bags for the hunt Mrs. Walsh surrounded by her sweet class...they just adore her! (As do I)
Sam and his best partner in crime, "Keith-Giese" Sam with two of his favorite classmates, Duncan and Henry
This picture is too cute for actually brings tears to my eyes! They are the sweetest little guys!!!

Two of Sam's many girl-friends, school and church buddies, Baylis and Mary Stephens


One of the best things about having children is the school parties!!! I was fortunate enough to be at KP for Sam and Fu's Easter parties and Egg hunts. Fulton wasn't so much into his. I think he happened to pick up one egg the Mrs. Darcy and I were pointing to. Fortunately, they split them up equally at the conclusion of the hunt.

Sam and his buddies, however, were ruthless! They had so much fun running around and searching. I thank God every opportunity that I have to be an active part of my boys' lives! I love it!

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