Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Miller Time

Maggie stealing a smooch from Fu
Whit and Sam building a castle
Fulton digging
"The Babies" Hart and Maggie

While on Spring Break, I knew there was another Mother out there desperately seeking entertainment for her off-spring. So Jenni Miller and I rallied our troops (her 4...2 boys and twin toddlers and my 2) and made our way to Hollywood Park for a picnic and play date. The Millers are friends of ours from Church and pre-school. Whit and Sam are both in the 4's and love getting into mischief together! Little Spencer was MIA and I never got a picture of him. But regardless, they were all red-faced and worn out for the trip home and had a great time. We plan to make a re-run play date out of it!

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Anonymous said...

I had never seen the blog-- MY KIDS ARE THERE!!!! Woo-hoo! I could just die over the one of Mags giving kisses to Fulton! I mean, come on-- how perfectly precious IS THAT?????

And then there you all are with your prayer shawls. EVERYone together for the grand-finale-I-was-there-memorialized-in-a-group-picture photo. Do you think we could cut 'n' paste me in?

The Teddy Bear Picnic. I could cry from the cuteness of it all. I got teary listening to the music and seeing your life of recent memorialized so adorably! I may just run out and finally buy a digital camera; you have made me want to capture my children with giganto lollipops and Ninja Turtle ice creams. Way cool, Claudia. Can you believe I am still using film? It's like the 80s when I had to beg my parents to get a d*** answering machine and think about CABLE!

Have a great one. I'm depressed. House-hunting in West Texas went very well, and we came home to an offer with a May 6th closing date (yikes!). We countered, but we probably will not hear from them until later this week (He is in Korea on Westinghouse business). It is all beginning to hit me a bit harder; the grass wasn't greener on the other side of the fence this weekend-- heck, Texas doesn't even HAVE grass! Guess I'll have to settle for cacti and mesquites (gnarly trees-- they really are rather spectacular, albeit TWISTED). Like, you know? Oh. Would you believe I managed to leave my lifeline at a restaurant in Abilene on Saturday night? Yep. My Blackberry still is enjoying its visit to sunny dustbowl-of-a-town Abilene. Where we met NO ONE who had not been BORN in Abilene. Like some scary Twilight Zone movie. Our waiter Saturday night (same place where Berry now resides) said he had moved to Abilene; I got excited that the phenom was almost over-- I asked "when?"-- He responded, "When I was 5." So you are either born there and never leave, or you move there at a tender age and never leave. You're catching my drift... no one ever leaves. [cue Zone music and Rod's voiceover]

Two more days until my "weekend" (W and R when the twins join the big boys at KPB-- my slice of heaven!).

Best to all,