Wednesday, March 12, 2008

IS THAT.....


Is that what I think it is??? You have got to be kidding me! How long have I been riding around with that hat on top of my car. I mean, I know people think I'm crazy...but did I have to confirm it!!!! I get in my car after running errands ALL DAY and I'm leaving my last stop, Hair Doodles! I happened to notice in the reflection of the store window ahead that something is on top of my car. So I got out and it isn't!
I couldn't reach it without going out the sunroof or climbing on top so I figured it would stay up there until I got home. After had been up there all day. (Shhhh, I was secretly hoping it would blow off. And believe me...I was turning corners extra sharp!!)
I asked Sam how it got up there. He said, "remember this morning when you were talking to Mrs. Shannon at her house?" "uh yeah", I answered. "Well I climbed out the sunroof and put it up there" , he added. SWEET!!!! I'm glad I took the keys out of the car! Otherwise he and Fulton may have taken a road trip!
It was too funny not to take a picture! Any who...I think the hat is here to stay. (If you haven't read the post will explain the whole hat thing.)

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