Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to NicNic!!!

Yes folks! My little Nic Nic is now 19!!!

Nic blew out all 19! (Actually... it was 1 and 9 for a total of 10)

Sprinkles Anyone?? I topped off mom's yummy homemade cake with a little splash of color. I decided to get super obnoxious just to get a rise out of Nic. (Just what EVERY nice big sister would do!) It worked!

We celebrated Nic's birthday at mom and dad's. He told mom that he wanted a simple, no-frills dinner with cake and ice cream. And most of all he wanted to dye eggs! How cute is that! We did just that. The boys enjoyed visiting with Jenny and Nic and dying eggs with Muzzy and Boppa.

Ask Fu how the cake was...

Boppa checking out Fu's Masterpiece

He thought it needed a little more orange...check out the hand!

Sam seems to be an old pro at this!

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