Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chasing a memory!!!

Ninja Turtle Popsicles...$4.00
Possible fine for driving without a license or shoes...$200
Chasing the Ice cream Man...Priceless!!!!

Today was so much fun! Sam and Fulton got to experience a visit from the ice cream man for the first time. We were outside playing when we heard that all too familiar sound...the busted speaker blaring tunes from our childhood. It was getting very close and Sam said "What's that music, mommy?" I said "It's the Ice Cream Man and I think he's going to turn down our street." It got louder and louder and the boys were so excited they couldn't stand it. Sam ran inside to get his wallet and stood on the porch anxiously waiting. And then ... you have got to be kidding...he drove right passed our street. The tears and disappointment quickly began to well. I was thinking...surely he'll come back up this way. But I better not take the chance or I'll have two very sad little fellas on my hands. So I looked at Sam and Fulton asked, "Wanna chase the ice cream man?" They didn't hesitate!
He was quite a ways down the road at that point so we jumped in the car...shoeless, pocketbook-less, and all! We were able to cut him off on a near-by street. I pulled up into a cul-de-sac and blocked him from getting out!!! Then I realized...No pocketbook means no $$$...Holy Cow! But guess what???? Sam still had his wallet. So he kindly treated himself and Fulton to ice cream. They were so bashful and didn't even know what to do. So I explained that they needed to pick something out by choosing from the pictures and then pay for it. They both chose Ninja Turtle Popsicles with bubble gum eyes! I have never seen two more content and proud little boys! It was truly heart-warming!
AHHHH...simple pleasures...that's what life is all about!


Anonymous said...

I had never seen the blog-- MY KIDS ARE THERE!!!! Woo-hoo! I could just die over the one of Mags giving kisses to Fulton! I mean, come on-- how perfectly precious IS THAT?????

And then there you all are with your prayer shawls. EVERYone together for the grand-finale-I-was-there-memorialized-in-a-group-picture photo. Do you think we could cut 'n' paste me in?

The Teddy Bear Picnic. I could cry from the cuteness of it all. I got teary listening to the music and seeing your life of recent memorialized so adorably! I may just run out and finally buy a digital camera; you have made me want to capture my children with giganto lollipops and Ninja Turtle ice creams. Way cool, Claudia. Can you believe I am still using film? It's like the 80s when I had to beg my parents to get a d*** answering machine and think about CABLE!

CTBaker in the Acres said...

Yes I do Silly Goose!!! I just think you’re going blind! But I’ll add the golf one too.


Anonymous said...

No, you don’[t have to add the golf one ‘caus eit won’t be up long…oh, sorry, I missed it…your site is AWESOME!!!!!!!! Love the music and the slide show…I loved looking at it yesterday!!!!!!