Saturday, March 29, 2008

Chasing a memory!!!

Ninja Turtle Popsicles...$4.00
Possible fine for driving without a license or shoes...$200
Chasing the Ice cream Man...Priceless!!!!

Today was so much fun! Sam and Fulton got to experience a visit from the ice cream man for the first time. We were outside playing when we heard that all too familiar sound...the busted speaker blaring tunes from our childhood. It was getting very close and Sam said "What's that music, mommy?" I said "It's the Ice Cream Man and I think he's going to turn down our street." It got louder and louder and the boys were so excited they couldn't stand it. Sam ran inside to get his wallet and stood on the porch anxiously waiting. And then ... you have got to be kidding...he drove right passed our street. The tears and disappointment quickly began to well. I was thinking...surely he'll come back up this way. But I better not take the chance or I'll have two very sad little fellas on my hands. So I looked at Sam and Fulton asked, "Wanna chase the ice cream man?" They didn't hesitate!
He was quite a ways down the road at that point so we jumped in the car...shoeless, pocketbook-less, and all! We were able to cut him off on a near-by street. I pulled up into a cul-de-sac and blocked him from getting out!!! Then I realized...No pocketbook means no $$$...Holy Cow! But guess what???? Sam still had his wallet. So he kindly treated himself and Fulton to ice cream. They were so bashful and didn't even know what to do. So I explained that they needed to pick something out by choosing from the pictures and then pay for it. They both chose Ninja Turtle Popsicles with bubble gum eyes! I have never seen two more content and proud little boys! It was truly heart-warming!
AHHHH...simple pleasures...that's what life is all about!

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Miller Time

Maggie stealing a smooch from Fu
Whit and Sam building a castle
Fulton digging
"The Babies" Hart and Maggie

While on Spring Break, I knew there was another Mother out there desperately seeking entertainment for her off-spring. So Jenni Miller and I rallied our troops (her 4...2 boys and twin toddlers and my 2) and made our way to Hollywood Park for a picnic and play date. The Millers are friends of ours from Church and pre-school. Whit and Sam are both in the 4's and love getting into mischief together! Little Spencer was MIA and I never got a picture of him. But regardless, they were all red-faced and worn out for the trip home and had a great time. We plan to make a re-run play date out of it!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

At the Zoo with Carson

Sam and Carson on the carousel (Fulton and I are there but got cut off by the giraffe)
Sam Carson and Fu checking out the birds
Sam and Carson on "the" elephant

The boys have been on Spring Break so we headed out to the good ol' zoo today with Muzzy. Sam wanted to take Carson on a date with him and she gladly accepted. We met with their Great Aunt Laynie and Great Aunt Judy and cousins Kyle and Heather. We did the typical lap around and then everyone quickly became crabby and ready for lunch. We loaded up the car and and topped off our afternoon with none other than McDonald's!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter from What's Bakin'!!!

(note: Fulton's face...see side story below)

It was a fantastic and joyful morning! The boys were so excited to get their Easter baskets and to go see their cousins at the lake. We started the morning with our Easter Sunday church service, which was wonderful! Then we ran home to grab our contribution to Easter dinner and headed up to the lake. It was such a beautiful day and the food was great!! We enjoyed visiting with the Baker side of the family. The boys did about 20 egg hunts, blew lots of bubbles and played school with Kirstin, Madeline, James and Ben. It was great to see everyone!
God has blessed us in so many ways! Easter is such a special time of year to reflect on our faith. I especially see it as a time to really focus on teaching my boys about the sacrifices Jesus made for us. It casts an entirely different perspective on the season for them. I was so impressed with Sam. He has learned what certain colors at Easter symbolize. He even went through his basket and told me what each color stood for. It really made me smile!!! I thought...Thank you God, he's getting it!

We are especially thankful and feel blessed that little Fu will be feeling better soon! Which leads me to my side story:

Fu woke up on Easter a.m. and his eyes were a little glassy. I thought maybe it was the pollen so we went on with our day. He seemed to feel fine and was having a great time at church and at the lake and raiding his basket. We were well into the afternoon and 45 minutes away from home at the lake when we sat down to take a family picture. I happened to notice that Fu's
lips looked blue and he was shaking terribly. I felt his head and he was on FIRE!!! I have never felt a person so warm in my life. Shannon and I immediately loaded up and flew home.
We were able to get some Motrin in him on the way home. But by the time we got home and I took his temp it was almost 105 (104.8 to be exact...he was listless, babbling and couldn't stand up well!!!)! I quickly took him to the ER while Shannon tried to get Dr. Laura on the phone. I was so scared because I had always heard that the risk of brain damage and seizures increased tremendously at 105. Fortunately, Dr. Laura called my cell while I was waiting to be seen and told me to go home...she was going to tell me everything I needed to do.

When I was leaving the ER the Valet lady commented that I was leaving quickly and asked what the matter was. I told her he had a high fever and that my Dr. was sending me home to treat it. She said well how high does it have to be to stay. And I said well our Dr. said between 106 and 108. And she said "WHAT!!! That ain't high that's called dead!" I happen to agree with her!
But we soon found out that he had a NASTY virus and it just had to run its course. Needless to say, it was VERY scary!!! I realized very quickly that things could have turned out quite differently. I am so thankful that he's going to be okay!!!

The Easter Bunny came!!!

It wouldn't be Easter without pink azaleas!

Wacha got Sambo???

Oh Fu...What's in there???

The cross at church

Fu reaches for an egg
Sam fills his pail (on loan from Kirstin)
Crazy Cousins
James, Fu, Kirstin, and Sam

Fu and Daddy blowing bubbles

Madeline and Kirstin
Sam and Fu on the hunt

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Egg Hunt

They put all their eggs in one basket and didn't regret it once!!!
Sweet Potatuhs!!!

I love Easter! It is such a gorgeous time of year. It's a time to renew so many aspects of our lives. It's a great time to get together with friends and give thanks for all the things that add color to our lives. Sam and Fulton were invited to the Curry Family Egg hunt. They talked about it for hours after they got home. I think they had a fantastic time. Leigh and Malcolm put on a heck of a shin-dig! Fulton was sacked out for the rest of the day.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to NicNic!!!

Yes folks! My little Nic Nic is now 19!!!

Nic blew out all 19! (Actually... it was 1 and 9 for a total of 10)

Sprinkles Anyone?? I topped off mom's yummy homemade cake with a little splash of color. I decided to get super obnoxious just to get a rise out of Nic. (Just what EVERY nice big sister would do!) It worked!

We celebrated Nic's birthday at mom and dad's. He told mom that he wanted a simple, no-frills dinner with cake and ice cream. And most of all he wanted to dye eggs! How cute is that! We did just that. The boys enjoyed visiting with Jenny and Nic and dying eggs with Muzzy and Boppa.

Ask Fu how the cake was...

Boppa checking out Fu's Masterpiece

He thought it needed a little more orange...check out the hand!

Sam seems to be an old pro at this!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kilbourne Park Easter Parties

You can't see it but Fu is showing off his one egg!

Fulton and Lanier show off their awesome Easter bags for the hunt Mrs. Walsh surrounded by her sweet class...they just adore her! (As do I)
Sam and his best partner in crime, "Keith-Giese" Sam with two of his favorite classmates, Duncan and Henry
This picture is too cute for actually brings tears to my eyes! They are the sweetest little guys!!!

Two of Sam's many girl-friends, school and church buddies, Baylis and Mary Stephens


One of the best things about having children is the school parties!!! I was fortunate enough to be at KP for Sam and Fu's Easter parties and Egg hunts. Fulton wasn't so much into his. I think he happened to pick up one egg the Mrs. Darcy and I were pointing to. Fortunately, they split them up equally at the conclusion of the hunt.

Sam and his buddies, however, were ruthless! They had so much fun running around and searching. I thank God every opportunity that I have to be an active part of my boys' lives! I love it!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Playgroup Easter Egg Hunt

Fulton moves in
Sam gets his Easter loot
Round two of the playgroup is growing up so fast too!!
Brooks, Heath, Hugh and Fulton
It's time for another Playgroup Easter party. These little guys have been getting together for Easter Egg Hunts for about 4 years now. April kindly offered her home. We did out traditonal fare of cookies, cupcakes, nuggets and fruit. They enjoyed running around and playing ball and having their Easter Egg hunt.
My camera battery died :-( !!! So I didn't get our traditional group shot. I am still awaiting a copy!!!! As soon as I get it I'll be sure to update the post.
These sweet fellas are so grown up now! It's sad that we don't get together as frequently as we used to. But with 15's hard to arrange play dates around naps and extra-curricular schedules. The cool thing is that we've been a "group" for so long that each time we do get together it seems like no time has passed at all.
Note to the playgroup moms: I can't wait to get a copy of the group shot. I'm sure it's precious!! I have really enjoyed the past 4 years watching our sweet boys grow up together. I pray that we can keep them just as close through their school years. I think it so important to nurture those early bonds that they have all established. I have also enjoyed being a part of such a darling group of women!!!! Y'all are the best and What's Bakin' loves each of you!!!

St. John's Annual Egg Hunt

We joined the masses of families at Still Hopes for the St. John's Annual Egg Hunt. The St. Claires Guild did a fine job of putting it all together. It really is a great time for everyone! Sam and Fulton invited our sweet little neighbor, Carson to join us. She too had a great time. It was perfect for getting into the spirit of Easter!

A very serious Fu puts on his "hunt" face and plans his course

Fu on the hunt...

Sam and Carson on a mission A very pleased Sam and Carson after the hunt

Sam, Fulton, and Carson pose for the group shot

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What's Bakin' Goes Green

First of all...I have to wish Russell Wright a Happy 40th Birthday! We had a great time at his surprise party today! I am the loser that left my camera at home and didn't get any pictures. But if Birley has some...I'll have her email them because it was a great party!

We kicked our St. Paddy's Day weekend off with Russell's surprise party. The food was was a fish fry with all the fixin's!!!! Not even a few tornadoes stood in our way. We were out at Belle Grove plantation surrounded by a few barns and a picnic shelter in the middle of a field! It's not exactly where you want to be when your mom calls to warn you and 50 other people that a tornado is headed in your direction!!!! Any who... it didn't stop us!

We left Southeastern Richland County and headed to Duncan Street for the Wheeler's annual St. Paddy's party. Jim Leblanc entertained us with great music and lots of beverages and food kept our bellies satisfied. We had our usual Wheeler-of-a-time!!!!
I promise there were lots of other people there I don't know why none of them were photographed...I've gotten a little slack!

It didn't take the host with the most, David long to cut in on Jim's gig and steal the show!
Aren't they a cute couple...That's so Sam and Charlie!!!! A cozy pose!!!
Brooks, Me, Ashley, and Lisa pose for a photo opp!Do you recognize the tank top from the picture above??? And does say "I feel a SIN comin' on." I love it!!!! My face hurt so bad from laughing! And just in case you're wondering...Ashley had on layered tank tops.

Thanks for having us AGAIN!!! We had a great time AGAIN!!! We love y'all!!!