Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Meeting Sydney McCloskey Able

Patrick Able, Shannon's best friend from growing up came in town from New Orleans with his wife, Shannon and their new sweet baby girl, Sydney. Sydney was born in October but hasn't come to visit Columbia friends and family until now. We were so glad to finally meet her. She is so precious. Sam and Fulton loved seeing "Uncle Patrick". Patrick is Sam's God-Father and I can't help but think that he and Sam have a kindred connection. He goes crazy when Patrick visits! He always comes bearing gifts and this time he brought weapons of mass destruction. Poor Fulton has now become the victim of Sam's warfare. Fulton and Sam have had a great time playing with their surcies from Patrick and Shannon and really enjoyed their visit.
We truly miss Patrick and wish we could see him more frequently. His wife is adorable and we wish we could get to know her better. We are hoping to go visit them in the Spring!

Best Wishes to Patrick and Shannon and their precious little Sydney! It was great meeting her!!!


Kagrel said...
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Kazahn said...
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Anonymous said...

Too cute…thanks so much for including us on the wonderful blog…Sydney misses you!

We went to our doctor’s appointment today and she is 15 lb 8 oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my gosh…

Lots of love,