Monday, February 18, 2008

Kanuga Weekend

It should be a sin to have so much fun on a church retreat weekend! Shannon and I were fortunate enough to be able to join St. John's on their annual retreat to Kanuga in Hendersonville, NC. We have never been able to go because we've always had a napping child. This year we knew Fulton would be fine if he missed his nap...but he actually did take one b/c he was so worn out from all the fun.
We arrived on Friday evening just before dinner. The boys were so cranky from the drive that they were ready to crash earlier than usual. So we stayed in with our housemates, Jackie and Michael Barker. They were the perfect housemates b/c their boys are the same ages as ours and on similar schedules.
Saturday, after breakfast we went to listen to our guest speaker while the boys did activities with their age-groups. It was a beautiful day! So Shannon took Sam around the camp to play and run around with some other children while I read magazines and relaxed during Fulton's nap! It was so nice!!!! Later in the day after naps, we went down to a big field to play in a family kickball game. Shannon and Fulton participated while Sam played in the dirt with some of his buddies.
After dinner we bathed the boys in the antique claw foot tub. They thought it was a super cool bathtub! When then headed over to the ice cream social and song fest! It was a jam packed day of activities and fun!!!
We took the boys back to the cabin and put them down for bed. Fortunately, all the cabins are so close that lots of people were hopping to and from with baby monitors in hand. It was really fun visiting with our neighbors and getting to know them better.
On Sunday we went to breakfast and then attended church in a beautiful chapel at the camp. Soon after we loaded up the car and headed back to Cola.
The weekend was a much needed wonderful experience for our family. The boys loved being in the mountains. I think little Sam was able to come out of his shell and get to know some of his church buddies better. We look forward to next year!
Unfortunately, Shannon didn't take the camera with him to take pics of the camp while they were strolling around. And Sunday was rainy and foggy. But they have a great website should you want to see!

Fu and Shannon warming up for their kickball game
A bubble-bearded Sam and a crazy Fu in the tubSam and Fu loved walking around the camp in the dark with flashlights.
Sam and Fu wrestling at the ice cream social
Birley, Jackie, and me socializing at our neighbors cabin.
(Birley, you made the blog!!!)


Curly said...

Is/was that Birley Hedgepath?! If so, she was my camp counselor at Camp Gravitt!!!

Anonymous said... are amazing! Wonderful stories and pictures!...

I really do hope you and Shannon can come to the CN auction (March 15 at “THE ZONE”) tickets for you both!

Just let me know...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Claudia...great to hear from you. I'm still enjoying thinking about the delightful time at your house for Thanksgiving.
Love, Aunt K