Saturday, February 02, 2008

The 5 Minute Monster Truck Show

Fu checking out the pre-show festivities
Sam getting ready for the show

Sam and Fulton have a sick obsession with Monster Trucks. Therefore, Shannon and Sam have been to the MT Show for the past 4 years. This was Fulton's first time and he was SOOOO excited. Shannon and Jimmy took all the boys and were anticipating a great time. UNTIL...

The engines started revving and and backfiring! Poor little Sam could take the noise for very long and started crying b/c it hurt his ears. With plugs and headphones it was still too much. If you read last year's MT Show post the same thing happened but he was able to stay inside the suite and duke it out. And just like last year...we took Sam to the Dr. on Monday and he had an ear infection AGAIN!!!! What are the chances...seriously. Poor Shannon didn't want to leave early b/c Fu was having such a great time. So he called me on my way home from Charlotte to see how far way I was so I could come get Sam while he stayed w/ Fu. BUUUT I was still an hour away and he said Sam wouldn't last. Poor little guys... it was a no win situation. I think next year we'll take Sam to the Dr. prior to the MT Show. And I felt so bad for Fu too! Bless their hearts!!!!!

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