Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's Bakin'? Goes To The Circus

As some of you know, I have boycotted the circus for YEARS!!!! But now that I have children I am finding it hard to explain my reasoning.

****So what do you do??? You go to the Circus anyway.****

Fortunately, I did not partake alone! The Harrington/Waites family was along for the ride. With 7 children under the age of 6...I don't think the suite will ever be the same. I hope Jimmy can explain why it looks like a bomb went off!

Any who...after blowing our life's savings on paraphernalia, I have to say we had a pretty decent time. With one minor exception...

Shannon walked down in front of the suite to take a picture of me and the boys until an usher walked up and took our camera. So I took it upon myself to protest and immediately challenge the man. I very rudely said " What gives you the right to take our camera? You can't do that." He said "it's okay ma'am , I'm going to take your family's picture."

All the while I was thinking ~ Gosh! Shannon is so non-confrontational. Why would he just let that man take our camera without a fight!~


The boys really enjoyed it and they had a great time. I appreciate Jimmy including us! Ringling Bros. ain't so bad after all!

The Bakers at the Circus

Sam with his $90 light up snow cone cup

Mason and his $200 stuffed tiger

Fu stealing Sam's cup

Shannon looks Oh so thrilled while the boys are in awe!

The Harrington/Waites Family

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