Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Day 2007

WOW!!!! How truly fortunate we are to be able to celebrate this amazing Holiday! It is such a delight to see the look of awe on the faces of my sweet boys on Christmas morning. I have been trying to explain the true meaning of Christmas to my boys. Sam thinks it is so cool that they not only get their own birthdays but they get to celebrate Jesus' too. He's a little older now and I can more easily explain the symbolism behind certain customs and traditions. I really think he's actually "getting it" a little.

Christmas a.m. was a riot. Sam and Fulton slept in as usual and finally made it downstairs about 9:30 (and for that we were very thankful!) The boys marveled at their loot from Santa and thoroughly enjoyed opening gifts. I think Santa and his helper had just as good of a time setting it all out! One nameless helper even had to run frantically from his house of assignment to our house to deliver MORE BATTERIES!!!! Crisis!!

NaNa and Papa came by that a.m. to check out all the goodies that Santa brought. After opening gifts, we feasted on a yummy coffee cake and fresh fruit salad for breakfast. We didn't dare stuff ourselves though...because the best was yet to come at Muzzy and Boppa's!

We went to mom & dad's for lunch with my mom's side of the family. We devoured our traditional feast and enjoyed spending time with those we don't see very often. We exchanged gifts with mom and dad, Nicolas, Clayton and April and shared several great laughs.

All in all it was another wonderful Christmas. We are so blessed in so many ways! We have some really great relatives and happy, healthy and handsome boys for whom we are able to provide some good ol' fashioned Holiday Cheer!
Who came to see you last night???
Sam's stash
Fu's loot
A little something for them to share
Santa loves dogs too!

Fu tearing into his presents

Sam lets 'em rip!

Fu cookin' up some fun on his grill
Sam as Optimus Prime
Fulton as Optimus prime
Sam already confiscating Fu's guitar
Santa's treats

Clayton & Nic opening presents
Sam gets more Planet Heroes
Mom with her fancy Letter Bugz note cards designed by MOI!!
Sam & Fulton in their NEW bean-bags
We have an inside joke about yard that was the gag gift from my mom to my dad...A Gamecock Gnome

A sleepy Boppa as Optimus Prime (Please...he had to know we put that on him)
And after a long day, Fu and Shan catch a little siesta

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