Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's a cement truck!!!

Our neighbor, Ms. Netta, had some concrete poured in her yard this morning. While the boys

waited to leave for school, they got to watch the truck up-close and personal. I think the could have stood there all day! It's amazing the fascination they have with the simplest things! I love it!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's Bakin'? Goes To The Circus

As some of you know, I have boycotted the circus for YEARS!!!! But now that I have children I am finding it hard to explain my reasoning.

****So what do you do??? You go to the Circus anyway.****

Fortunately, I did not partake alone! The Harrington/Waites family was along for the ride. With 7 children under the age of 6...I don't think the suite will ever be the same. I hope Jimmy can explain why it looks like a bomb went off!

Any who...after blowing our life's savings on paraphernalia, I have to say we had a pretty decent time. With one minor exception...

Shannon walked down in front of the suite to take a picture of me and the boys until an usher walked up and took our camera. So I took it upon myself to protest and immediately challenge the man. I very rudely said " What gives you the right to take our camera? You can't do that." He said "it's okay ma'am , I'm going to take your family's picture."

All the while I was thinking ~ Gosh! Shannon is so non-confrontational. Why would he just let that man take our camera without a fight!~


The boys really enjoyed it and they had a great time. I appreciate Jimmy including us! Ringling Bros. ain't so bad after all!

The Bakers at the Circus

Sam with his $90 light up snow cone cup

Mason and his $200 stuffed tiger

Fu stealing Sam's cup

Shannon looks Oh so thrilled while the boys are in awe!

The Harrington/Waites Family

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Showering baby Virtue

Brooks, Shannon, Me, Jackie, and April

We had a small Girls Night/Shower for our friend Shannon who will be having her first baby in February...It's a BOY! What better people to have dinner with prior to giving birth to a boy than those of us who have nothing but boys. I hope we didn't scare her!!! We can't wait to meet baby James Ryan Virtue soon! Best wishes to Shannon and David!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Dinner with Kathleen

Eron, Kathleen, Mason, & Me
My sweet friend Kathleen was in town for the holidays. As you have read in past posts, Kathleen has been one of my dearest friends for a million years. It is always so great to see her face and know that she is just down the street again. She and her family were here from California for a few weeks. However, with both of our hectic schedules we didn't get to spend much time together at all. We were hoping to get the kids together to play but it never worked out :-( !!
Any who... we managed to squeeze in dinner at Congaree Grill. And as usual, we laughed about girly things and could have talked for HOURS!!! Months will go by since we've seen each other but it only seems like a few minutes. I always anxiously await her visits...even if we only spend a couple of hours together!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thanks, Papa!

Who's hiding behind those giant lollipops???

Sam and Fu!

Back in the fall, Papa thought it was a nice gesture to bring the boys a bag of 300 dum-dums. I guess he thought we had polished those off already and that he'd better bring them something bigger and better! Thanks, Papa!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Eve 2007

This year we hosted our 2nd annual New Years Eve Family Event. 2007 went out with a bang fo-sho! But at least the carpet didn't get ruined this year! We opened our home to about 12+ families. Some brought children and some had sitters. We enjoyed great appetizers and beverages for all ages! Malcolm provided us with a fantastic fireworks show and the kids LOVED playing in the yard with the sparklers and glow sticks. Some families lasted longer than others but I must say...several were able to hang in there for quite some time ( even a couple of pregnant girls)!!! I was quite impressed!

L to R, B to F: Fulton, Eliza, Mason, Hawkins, Will, Joseph, Newton, Emma, Susanna, Madison, Liddy, Robert, & Sam
We had a few bail early due to premature meltdowns. But these are the munchkins that managed to hang until the wee hours.

Leigh got a front row seat with some really cute boys for the fireworks show
Fu's first sparkler!! (Fire code violation #1-Children wearing Polyester costumes while playing with fire. HMMMM)
St. Joseph's childhood friends, Leigh and Phoebe

Madison writes her name w/ a sparkler
Anna and Eliza strike a pose with theirs
Phoebe and Susanna
Jennifer with little Lindsay, Allison, and Ans
Newt in his favorite costume

The wild boys finally settle down in the guest room
Dad & Mom stopped by for a little while before dad had to go sing
I think Sam and Mason fell in love with Eliza

Emma as Captain Miss America

No, it's not a rave...but they sure did love their glow sticks

Ans and Darby with Liddy and Jack


Okay I saved the best pictures for last...


Is that what I think it is???? You have got to be kidding me! Have our parties gotten that lame??

Keg stands anyone???

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous 2008!