Thursday, December 27, 2007

Playgroup Moms

Brooks, Allison, Me, Jen, Jackie, & April
Playgroup Dads

Chris, David, Stephen, Shannon, and Michael
For about five years we have been getting together with all 8 of our first-born boys. We all now have second-born boys and Jen has a third boy for a grand total of 19. I blog on the activities of this little group often. However, this night was different! Shannon and I decided to host the first EVER playgroup couples night WITH NO BOYS!!! We couldn't believe that with as close as all of us have gotten we have never gotten together as a group just with the couples!! We each prepared a dish and had a nice quiet evening together with great laughs and conversation.
Believe it or not...all the girls sat at the dining room table and all the guys sat in the living room at the banquet table. It was as if we were in 5th grade all over again.
We truly missed Summer and Will, Donna and Joel, and Allison's husband, Wes. But we intend to do it again soon and hopefully everyone will make it!
Can you believe that Chic-fil-A Chicken Nuggets were not on the menu? This is a first!!!

The tables were actually set for adults ( No boosters, sippie cups, etc.!)
Of course you'd find Chris in the middle of all the girls!!! Is it our conversations that he loves????
(Surprise! It's another "Claudia's Kitchen" shot...the permanent backdrop for all my photos. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...When I win the lottery I will build a house with a 2ooo sq. ft. kitchen!!! )

David takes a break from dinner to pose for the pic

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