Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve 2007

Today is Christmas Eve and we've takin' it easy for the first time in MANY years. We went to the children's service at St. John's and came home to finish wrapping some presents. We went over to mom and dad's house for a plethora of yummy things to eat for dinner. Clayton and April joined us after dropping the girls off with their dad. It was very quiet which was very much out of the ordinary for Christmas Eve until...

As always, someone breaks out into song! Nicolas treated himself to an early Christmas gift of ROCK BAND! It is an amazing video game where the object is to hit every note correctly on vocals, every beat on drums, and every chord on guitar. In case you're not's a link ! I highly recommend it! Your hubbies would LOVE it and so would your kids!

What a riot!!! I'd like to introduce the band to you!

Shannon and Sam on Drums

Nic and Clayton sharing vocals and Nic on the Guitar

Me and April on back-up
Mom and Dad were about to wet their pants. It was so hilarious and so much fun. We sang/played some of the greatest head-bangin' crazy songs EVER! The cool thing is... the more points you get, the more new songs you earn.

Anywho...We were having so much fun that Marshall and Christie, Mom & Dad's cute newlywed neighbors had to pop in for the fun.
I thank God every day for my amazingly colorful family. The dynamics are far different from any other family I know. I am so glad to be a part of this group of people and I thank them for my character!
It is so great having my baby brothers around. They help us all stay with the times.
Michael and his family and April's girls were missed terribly but we still had a fabulous time together! We sang and laughed for so long I almost died when I found out the time! We had to hurry home to get the boys in bed. We headed home with the boys in great anticipation of Santa's visit!

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