Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Dinner with the out-of towners

Our Christmas plans changed just a bit this year. We got together with my side of the family a little early to celebrate with my out-of-town brothers Clayton and Michael and their families. Mom cooked the traditional Italian dinner and we enjoyed it as much as always. The Rat Pack Christmas CD set the tone and we truly enjoyed each other's company.

Clayton, April, Madison and Emma came from Augusta. Michael, Kristin, Jameson, and Isabella came from Summerville. Shannon and I packed up and came all the way from around the corner! The children all exchanged gifts and had a blast running around showing off their cool new stuff!

We are truly blessed to be able to share so much fun together at the Holidays. There are now 15 of us and space feels tight at times and things can get kind of crazy (leaving me or April to casually ask..."Does anyone have any Xanax??) BUT it is all something we will be able to look back on and remember and be thankful for!!!

A note to the Tronco Fam:
Thanks so much for everything y'all did to make our Christmas "Bright". Sam and Fulton truly LOVE each of you, as do we! Y'all are all so special to us and I have NO clue what I'd do without y'all!
Nic, Clayton, & Michael,
Thanks for the absolutely NECESSARY chaos. It wouldn't be Christmas without it! ..."Ahh.. Holiday Cheer!"
Mom & Dad,
Thanks for breaking your necks to make everything wonderful, as usual! Y'all never cease to amaze me with your ability to make all of us smile. Merry Christmas!!!!
Nic, Michael, & Mom
Clayton April Madison and Emma

Jameson and Sam Check out their potential loot

Emma enjoying dinner on her throne
Ahhh nothing like good table manners. Fulton wipes his mouth on the tablecloth!

The kiddie table---Madison, Sam, Jameson, and Isabella

Sam LOVED his Planet Heroes Shuttle from Michale and Kristin
Fulton loves his Marble Racer from Michael and Kristin

Sam and Jameson compare their Star Wars men from Uncle Clayton and April
Emma LOVES the box!

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I love my girls!! said...

Hi Claudia,
Looks like you all had a lot of fun!!! I did not even know that Clayton was married with kids...I still think he is 7. I say this every year, but I hope to see you in 2008 so I can meet your boys and you can see the girls. Take care.