Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blog??? What Blog???

Oh yeah! this BLOG!!!!

Sorry I once again fell off the map. With all of my giving thanks, volunteering and stationery orders, I forgot I had a life!!! Let me try to catch you up ...Our most recent adventure was to the Zoo for the Lights before Christmas. The boys LOVED it! Shannon & I enjoyed it too. We roasted marshmallows and wore our holographic glasses-----

Side Story: About 10 years ago at the Holiday Market, I purchased
holographic glasses for my entire family. Basically, they're 3D glasses that turn
lights into snowflakes. And since that's the only snow we ever get to see, we
wear them frequently throughout the season! Anywho... EVERY YEAR we drag them out and stare at our Christmas Lights.We ride around town and stare at other
people's lights while other people are staring at the freaks in the car with the
weird sunglasses on at night. Yes folks...I do agree...we are quite strange!

SOOOOO! Needless to say the zoo was a quite a trip for the boys.

Fulton kept his glasses on THE WHOLE TIME! Everyone thought he was the cutest thing!
Mommy and Sam roasting Marshmallows

Sam and Fu at the little Gingerbread Houses

The Sea Lion Light show

Sam was all-tuckered out! He went to sleep with his magna-doodle and we thought this was too adorable and had to take a picture. AWWWW...He traced his little hand! (only parents obsessed with their children can appreciate that)

OKAY have fun checking out the rest and getting caught up!

Oh! and as usual...I'm taking Holiday requests for the Blog Amp!

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