Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Happy Birthday to Muzzy!

Sam asked Muzzy what kind of birthday party she wanted and they decided on a Little Mermaid theme. (He's really into theme parties!) We were unable to join them for dinner but we had a fantastic party later in the evening! I baked a cake complete with an Ariel candle topper. We had blowers for the boys and Ariel crowns for the girls. We ate cake and ice cream and watched Muzzy open presents. Muzzy loved her "birthday party" and so did the boys!

A note to Momma: Thanks for ALL you do to make every
occasion so special. I am so glad you have established so many wonderful traditions that I can now pass on to my boys. You inspire me in so many ways. Through your actions, you remind me that my
options in life will NEVER be exhausted as long as I use my creativity. You are truly amazing in all that you do! Thanks for being so wonderful and I hope you've had a great birthday! We love you!!!!

The Little Mermaid mini-party

Muzzy blows out he candle

Muzzy, Jenny and Me pose as sea princesses with our crowns


Anonymous said...

Thank you Claudia, you are equally inspiring. It's so nice to know someone's been paying attention and appreciates my efforts! Hopefully we will create many more traditions or tweek some of the older ones and make them even better. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Muzzy! Wish we could have been there for the mermaid party!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful woman!

Love you!