Monday, October 22, 2007

Sam's Birthday Party


We celebrated Sam's 5th birthday at the park. He wanted to invite his whole class. I have never done this before...and I learned very quickly why. Class+Playgroup+Family= A Whole Lot of People and Mass Confusion! I think I made 52 cupcakes and came home with about 8. HOLY COW!!!! I agree with everyone now...I am certifiably crazy!

Sam wanted a Ratatouille Party. So I did a little Chef theme. I made his invitations and favor labels. For their "chef" activity the kids (I) got to make ice cream sundaes and got Chef Hats as party favors. I think they liked them. They looked so funny running around the playground with them on.

He had a great day! All his little friends are so precious! He felt super special ALL WEEK!
We topped the night off with dinner at San Jose with Uncle Randy, Aunt T, Kirstin and Madeline.

Sweet Charlie!
Sam, Evan, and Duncan...Best Buds at KP
Here's the Ice Cream Sundae assembly line...It took an army!

Fu plays "pee-boo" on the jungle gym

Isabella takes a break and waits on some more cake and ice cream!

Duncan and Evan pose with their chef hats and sundaes

Now, we all know that no child needs this many presents...but there weren't any complaints from Sam!

WOW! Just what every 5 year old needs!!! A Nerf gun to shoot his brother with! Thanks MASON!!! You're the best! ;-)

Kirstin and Sam take a break from opening presents to pose for a picture

Sam got so many presents he didn't even mind letting Little Fu open a couple!

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