Saturday, October 27, 2007

Pine Island Halloween Carnival

Flash, Captain America, and the Wizard Witch pose in front of the ominous clouds over the lake
Not only has Little Bo-Peep lost he sheep...She is not a fan of the camera and is clearly not happy!
Fulton does a trick with his sword...he's practicing to be an act in next year's carnival
Nana and Papa with Sam and Fu
HELP I've Fallen and I can't get up! The Bouncy Slide should post an age max! Instead of helping me get up, Shannon just stood there laughing and taking pictures! @#$%&!~
The cotton candy brigade (no, I didn't with-hold it from Fu...He's not a fan of the confection!)

Every year The Pine Island Club hosts the annual Halloween Carnival. And EVERY year it Rains! We end up trudging through the wet grass or not going at all. Well this year we were pleasantly surprised because it stopped raining early in the day and ended up being a beautiful night. There are so many fun things to do. They have rides and bouncy things, games, carnival food, a haunted hayride and costume contest. We love going and look forward to it each year. Sam and Fulton and Kirstin and Madeline stayed entertained the whole night and didn't EVEN want to go home. (Believe me...we heard it all the way from the dam to our driveway!) It was a great night!
More Halloween stuff to come!

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