Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy 33rd Birthday to Me!

Shannon and the boys were so sweet! Shannon took them shopping to pick something out. Sam chose a lovely set of turquoise earrings and a necklace at Just the Thing. They were so proud! They also gave me a new Ipod Nano with my name inscribed on the back!!! I was so excited. The got me a cake and sang Happy Birthday to me. I was excited to receive many phone calls and cards as well!

Shannon made dinner arrangements with Brooks and David at Divino's. It was SUPER!!!!

Thanks to everyone who made my day very special!

And happy delivery day to my Mom and Dad!

(It looks like Shannon could have moved over a little.)

My Birthday dessert was apple pie a la mode. (Brooks and David still think it was a slab of Ham. Look at it...It does kinda look like it.)

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