Monday, October 15, 2007


Sam is 5!!!
We are so excited to be celebrating Sam's 5th birthday. We compiled a slide show for him too! Although, his seems to be a bit longer! But I love seeing how he has grown and become such an amazing big boy!

The baby pudge is fading and he is turning into such a handsome young man. As he turns five, some of Sam's favorite things are...
His brother, his buddies at school and church, monster trucks, Star Wars, super heroes, and still MUSIC.
Just yesterday I was informed that his favorite song is, Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac. I must say he has a pretty good taste in music. Some of his other favorites are Van Halen, The Eagles, and Eric Johnson. And he has been known to request a little "JT" (Justin Timberlake) here and there. He still enjoys a good jam session on his drums but frequently gets cut short beacuse Fu wants to join in. Maybe one day they'll have their very own band!

He has expressed that he would like to go to the "Japeese" Restaurant for his birthday, because he likes the drum and the "Japeese sticks" (chop sticks). So we shall kick-off his birth-week festivities with dinner at Sato. As you may recall, I wrote all about the birth-week tradition in the Tronco family in an earlier post.
We will finish off the week with a party in the park next weekend!

But for now...I wish my sweet, handsome, and talented baby Sam a VERY HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!!! We love you, Sambo!!!


I love my girls!! said...

Happy Birthday Sam. I can not believe he is already 5!!!
Time Flies...
Hope to see you all soon.

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful slide show. What a sweet, handsome boy, my Sam-bitzky. Love that sweet baby so much and his mommy and daddy and my little Footy Fu. Good job, very entertaining. Love, Muzzy

Anonymous said...

I'm so slack. I didn't remember that it was Sam's bday. Are ya'll having a big shindig? It was great seeing you today. I know things are crazy, but we're just a phone call away!! Great post! I'm bummed we missed fire truck day. We were there last year. Lots O fun. I need to keep up.


Anonymous said...

That is absolutely fabulous!! It was great seeing you tonight, I felt like it had been years.

Mason Harrington

Anonymous said...

Your children are so darling! I cannot believe that Sam is 5- time surely flys! I hope ya'll are doing well. We are doing terrific! Kate is 6 mos now and growing like a weed! I never knew how busy 2 would keep me! Have a great week and lets get together sometime. I am around all the time now that summer is over!!!!