Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Happy 15th (Dating) Anniversary!

I know, I know...How incredibly CHEESY!!!!! Well, the truth is...we acknowledge this Anniversary every year. It's the Anniversary of when we started dating. But I thought because it was 15 whole years it was a little special. Hence, the slide show. I thought I would attempt to entertain you with a Claudia and Shannon timeline. Here goes!!!!
    • September 1991---SAT Math Class AC Flora High School... Claudia Tronco passes a note to Anna Rock Kirkland stating that she has decided to like Shannon Baker and that she needs some help stalking him at various venues... ACF Basketball games, Young Life meetings, Band Parties, Etc.
    • September 1991-January 1992---Claudia, along with her P.I. friends Mason, Anna, Meredith, Helen, and Kathleen, pursue Shannon with a vengeance but he's not catching on!!!!
    • January 1992---Claudia learns that Shannon is taking Drivers Ed instead of the follow up to SAT Math, SAT Vocabulary. She realizes she only has a few good months left to be in class with Shannon before he graduates from ACF. She tries to get herself into a Seniors Only Driver's Ed class by begging a pleading and crying to ACF guidance counselors. (It didn't work.)
    • March 1992---Cathy Tronco picks Claudia up from ACF and informs her mother that the cute boy crossing the driveway is the boy she's going to marry.
    • April 1992---Greg Hunter informs Shannon Baker that Claudia has been stalking him for some time now. We are all beginning to wonder if he is blind b/c he doesn't even have a clue!!!!
    • May 1992---Shannon graduates and Claudia is devastated!!!! She fears she'll never see him again when he goes all the to college at USC. What will she do??????
    • June 1992---Michael Tronco and his band, Incognito, play at the Cockpit. The bass player, Johnny Hancock, is one of Shannon's best childhood friends. Johnny asks Shannon to come along for the show. Claudia and Shannon eat breakfast at Capitol Cafe with friends after band job. I think he's finally catching on b/c the only seat left at the booth was CONVENIENTLY the one next to Claudia!!!! But they didn't see each other again for several months
    • September 1992---Shannon comes back to an ACF football game to see his best friend, Patrick Able play football. Claudia and Anna were cheering and just knew he was there to see us cheer! We chatted after the game. He might actually be getting it!!!!
    • October 1992---Claudia takes the SAT and heads to the College of Charleston afterwards with Helen and Kathleen to see ACF '92 friends now in college. Kathleen and Helen said there was a surprise for Claudia when we got there. Hmmmm...what could it be??? Shannon decided to go to Charleston with Johnny Hancock to CONVENIENTLY visit the same group of friends. Later that week Shannon took Claudia on their first date. We went to see Hellraiser romantic!!!! And ended up back at Capitol Cafe.
    • November 1992-September 1998---Claudia and Shannon continued dating with only one 72 hour break-up in 1995. CRISIS!!!!!!
    • September 11th, 1998---Shannon proposes marriage and Claudia says YES!!!!
    • June 5th, 1999---Claudia and Shannon are married at St. Joseph's Catholic Church
Any who...It's amazing that he has put up with me all this time!
Note to Shan:
Nothing is better than being married to your bestfriend! We've had so much fun in the past 15 years. I sometimes think it's funny that I used to doodle "Mrs. C. Shannon Baker" in my SAT math notebook. It's hard to believe that we DID get married and now have two sweet little boys. Thanks for letting me drive you crazy all these years. You're awesome!!!! And I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!
HAPPY 15th (dating) ANNIVERSARY!!!


I love my girls!! said...

Happy "Anniversary"!!! How time flies. I have not looked at your blog in a while and I am most shocked that Clayton in 26!! Anyway, just waiting for the new little one to arrive. We will post all about it, so keep checking in!!!

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