Friday, October 12, 2007

A funny Conversation

Sorry no pics for this one.
The other night as Sam and I were having "Extra-Mommy-Snuggle-Time", he asked a very "Sam" question. It went like this...

Sam: Mommy, Is a wife a daughter?
Me: Yes. I am Daddy's wife and Muzzy and Boppa's daughter.
Sam: Well, why does a teenager have a REAL mom and dad and a husband and a wife only have a an OLD MAN and an OLD LADY?
Me: UMMMMMM! But Uncle Nic-Nic is a teenager and his mom and Dad are Muzzy and Boppa too.
Sam: (totally confused) Oh! Yeah!

So I guess my family birth order is not the best scenario when trying to explain the againg process. The age difference between me and Sam's Uncle Nic-Nic (15 years) probably is a little confusing to a 5 year old. Because technically Nic-Nic should have "Real" parents but he only has an "old lady" and an "old man" just like me. I think that one threw him for a loop. I don't think we'll be discussing the aging process any further anytime soon.

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Anonymous said...

I am the "old lady". I'm sorry Sam, my real mom days are gone forever. But let it be known, I was and remain... a COOL mom ! I look forward to being your COOL Muzzy.

Love you much, "old lady" Muzzy

Now Boppa, he is a very old man for sure.