Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Fair

"Our State Fair is a great State Fair...Don't Miss it! Don't even be late!!"
(How many of you remember that little diddy?)
Fulton and His Dog in a stick
Family Affair on the Ferris Wheel

Sam and Mommy on the Chinese Dragon

Fulton and Daddy on the Bumble Bees---Poor Shannon can't handle it!

Fulton and His Lucky Duck

Sam and His Lucky Duck

Sam and Newton Grier

Ahh yes! Another year at the State Fair! Since most of you have know the drill----
Well here's our drill---in this exact order.
  1. Park at TNT sports -c/o Carter Ellis

  2. Fried Mushrooms -Claudia & Shannon
  3. Corn dogs -Shannon, Sam and Fulton

  4. Pizza -Claudia

  5. Ferris Wheel -The whole family
  6. Various Kiddie Rides -Sam and Fulton

  7. Various Big Kid Rides -Sam and Claudia (Shannon gets motion sickness)

  8. FISKE French Fires -The whole family

  9. Various Big Kid Rides -Sam and Claudia
  10. Games -Sam, Fulton and Shannon

  11. Cotton Candy -Shannon and Sam
  12. Elephant Ear -The whole family
  13. Candy Apple -Intended for Claudia but actually sits on the counter at home for week before I decide that I really don't want it or need it! Sam ate some of it this year though.

  14. Bye Fair!!!! See you next year!
We saw sssssoooooo many people. We even bumped into the Grier Family and did our last lap with them.

This time of year just wouldn't be the same without the fair!!!! I love it!

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