Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Fall

It's been a beautiful day and I just wanted to wish you all a happy fall! I thought I would do so by introducing you to the Baker family as M&M's standing under a lovely tree, surrounded by fall foliage. We had a great time creating our characters!
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Game Day with Daddy

Go COCKS!!!!Sam showing off his Cocky tattoo
USC vs. SC State
Sam and Shannon spent the day together tailgating and cheering on the Gamecocks. Shannon tries to take him to a few games each season. Fu will hopefully get to go to one this year too. But for this game Fulton and I got dressed up in our Gamecock garb and went shopping with Muzzy! We weren't physically there but we were there in spirit.
Shannon said that Sam had his usual great time at the game. He ate his boiled peanuts and drank LOTS of caffeinated beverages! Never mind the win...Sam was more excited about watching the band at half-time. He loves his music!!! He also enjoyed being a part of a very long family tradition of Die-hard gamecock football fans and sitting with his Daddy, Boppa, and Papa (his Great Grandad).

Sunday, September 09, 2007

FU FU is 2!!!

I compiled all of our favorite photos of Fulton into a slide show to honor him on his special day. ENJOY!!!

Happy Birthday to our sweet and precious Fulton! It is hard to believe that Fulton Barnes Baker made his grand entrance into this world 2 years ago. He has added such flavor to our family. While I was pregnant with him I kept wondering how in the world I could love another child as much as I do Sam. It is so mysterious how God has blessed us with an indescribable depth of love for our children. To put it simply like his Muzzy says, Fulton is addictive! His silly personality and good nature and his sparkling blue eyes...are things you just can't live without!

The past two years have been quite an adventure. We have had so much fun with him in our lives. Sam thinks he is the greatest little brother. Sam has been such a good role model and teacher to Fu. He has quickly given Fulton the gift of tolerance for annoying behavior! I expect Fulton to be an extremely patient adult.

At age 2...He loves his big brother, monster trucks, ELMO, fire trucks, his books, his Mommy and Daddy, and his "bappie"(pacie), and we recently learned that his favorite song is Our God is an Awesome God. Which leads me to...

A cute story...On the way home one day we were listening to our VBS CD and Our God had just finished playing. Suddenly Fulton started crying out and reaching towards the front of the car. After handing him everything I possibly could to figure out what he wanted, he still kept saying "Ar Gu". So finally I asked, "do you want me to turn it up". He said "no, no". I thought well maybe he doesn't like this song so I rewound a song or two to Our God. Well that was what he wanted!!! He just grinned, giggled and said "Ar Gu". And now we have a favorite song. He cracks me up! He knows what he wants and he's not going to give up until he gets it!

Any who...we are looking forward to his party this afternoon. More to come a little later but for now...

We love you, Sweet Baby!!!!! Love, Mommy, Daddy, and Sam


And so the Birthday Bonanza continues!

At 3:30 we met at Hollywood Park for Fu's big party. We were surrounded by a million Precious and I mean PAH-RESH-US children. They ran around and got so hot and sweaty. The 30 juice squeezie things and 48 waters I brought were gone by 4:15! All the kids appeared to have had so much fun. The festivities ended around 5:00.

We had a Sesame Street theme b/c that is what Fu is ALL about at the moment. We had a primary color scheme and I made some cute theme related invitations for him. We passed out theme and age appropriate favors. I made some darling little ice-cream cone cupcakes which by-the-way are HUGE on the cute factor but a you know what to transport. (I don't recommend it.) I had some DIBS to go with the cupcakes but forgot all about them. So if you get a hankerin' for some Dibs...just let us know!

After the party we headed home to open presents. Fulton got to open a ridiculous amount of FABULOUS gifts! He is such a LUCKY and BLESSED little guy. He picked his favorites of the night but I feel sure he will change it up tomorrow.
After a long FUN day Fu and Sam were very tired. I know he truly enjoyed himself.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Very Sesame Weekend

We surprised the boys with Sesame Street Live at the Colonial Center for Fu's birthday. I don't know who enjoyed it more...Shannon and I or the boys. The show them was "Elmo Makes Music" which happens to be one of their favorite DVD's. All the songs were very familiar to them and the bright colors, confetti, and lights were very entertaining.
Shannon and I loved how the # of the day was 8 and that was how much they were charging for the Elmo BALLOONS at intermission. How coincidental!!!!!!!! Can we say..."RIP-OFF". We fortunately didn't fall prey to that little scam. But the really sad part was looking up to the ceiling at the end a seeing all the "Elmos" that got away. The parents may as well have gone to the bathroom, handed their child 8 bucks, and said "now, flush it down the toilet little Timmy."
BUUUUUUT...Other than that I have to say that it was a great show and we were all entertained. We also saw lots of familiar faces having just as much fun as we did. For some reason Sesame Street has the ability to turn everyone into a kid again. It is a delightful feeling!

Sam and Fu pose at the back drop

Sam and Fu watch with Shannon as they shoot confetti and streamers
Fu's eyes were so glued to the stage he wouldn't even smile for the camera!
A blurry shot of the action

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Welcome sweet babies!!!

Congratulations to my sweet girlfriends on the arrival of their beautiful babies!!!

Pope Duncan Johnson, V
August 14, 2007
Born to Helen(Lafaye) and Duncan Johnson

Carter Thomas Harrington

August 22, 2007

Born to Mason (Waites) and Jimmy Harrington

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dad sang for the second time this summer at the Village at Sandhill. It's a great Summer concert series. They always have a great turn out. Sam was trying to keep a low profile and wouldn't let me get any pics of him. But Fulton...He was so into it! It looked amazed as he watched Boppa on stage. He just loves the music too. He danced and even sang w/Boppa. April and Clayton were in town so Madison and Emma came along too and enjoyed the festivities with us.
Boppa and Fu

Fu in Aw!
Madison and Emma playing on the blanket
Sam and Fu dancing