Friday, August 03, 2007

Tennis Anyone?

Coach Elliot getting them warmed up with some sprints
Charlie, Sam, and Mason taking instructions from Coach Elliot Sam, Mason, and Mac at the water cooler

Sam had a fabulous fun-filled 2 weeks of tennis camp! The first week he and his two buddies Mason and Mac joined him. They spent most of their time warming up to Coach Elliot and the rest of the time at the WATER COOLER! The next week his friend Charlie joined the group. They did little drills trying to hit oversized balls using their hands and then he showed them how to use their rackets. All three of the boys did very well, hitting a few balls quite nicely.

The best part is that Sam LOVED it and said he wants to "play tennis everyday"! Now that's a breakthrough folks!!!! If you don't believe my earlier post about Soccer!!!!

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