Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Happy 33rd Birthday, Shan!

We celebrated Shannon's birthday at the Japanese Restaurant and then at our house for cake and ice cream. We had great time. Sam and Fulton LOVE the "man that cooks at the table". If only I could hire him nightly to come cook us dinner...we'd be set. They sit still AND they eat all their food!!!!
We had the Ultimate Dora Birthday at Shannon's request. In a conversation w/ Shannon, Sam asked him what kind of birthday he wanted. Shannon jokingly replied, "I want a Dora birthday!" Don't forget that children will hold you to your word. So Sam and Fulton went on the Dora birthday hunt w/ me. We got hats, blowers, plates, napkins, a table cloth and cake topper. When Shannon came home from work he thought it was hilarious b/c he didn't think Sam would really take him seriously. His face was priceless when he came into the dining room. Sam and Fulton thought it was great that Daddy had a Dora party. They even fought over the cake topper!
Every grown man's dream...A Dora Party at age 33
Careful what you wish for

Muzzy with the boys

Half of the Clan came to Dinner to celebrate with us. Shannon's Parents we unable to come :-( Like Father...
Like Son!!!
Happy Birthday to Daddy!!!

Boppa and Fu enjoy some cake and Ice cream

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