Sunday, August 26, 2007

Don't mess with Texas...

... Or even better yet... don't mess with Claudia by leaving her for an entire week to go out of town! Seriously, Shannon could not have picked a worse week to travel. Please leave me the week before preschool starts with the world's two most bored children! I truly enjoy ripping my hair out and entertaining two wild animals 24/7 who have done everything an almost 2 and almost 5 year-old could possibly do over the summer. I have NEVER sweat so much in my life. And I have a new appreciation for single parents.
Actually, they were really well-behaved give or take an episode or 50. All I had to do was threaten Sam with "Sam, Daddy's going to give the Cowboys a bad report and they're not going to send home a prize for you." It was pretty simple. And when asked where his Daddy was, Sam confidently replied..."Oh, he's spending the night with the cowboys."

Shannon returned safely from Texas to a frazzled wife on the verge of auctioning Sam and Fulton on EBay at a starting bid of $.99 with no reserve! We were all very excited to see his handsome face walking through the airport. He returned with souvenir cowboy hats for the boys. And we celebrated with dinner.

Okay, so I tried to get a pic of Fu in his hat but he kept pulling it off. So all you get is an annoyed looking toddler.

But Sam was sportin' it loud and proud!
Forget Texas! Don't mess with Sam!
As Shannon unpacks, Dixie says...Don't leave me here ever again with that mad-woman you married! I'm goin' with you next time!

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