Thursday, August 02, 2007

Blowfish Night

Sam sat in the middle of the car and Fully truly tailgated
Sam and Fu playing with their balloons
Shannon's Company, Trumbull Services, hosted the families at The Blowfish baseball game. We had a great tailgate spread with bar-b-que, brownies, and lots of cold drinks! Sam and Fu enjoyed eating in the back of the car and their goodie bags. They played in the parking lot prior to the game and got so sweaty! It was a beautiful night but you'll never believe was hot as blue blazes!

You those occasions where you leave the house thinkin' you look pretty cute but within minutes, the humidity and heat turns your hair-do into something resembling a wet cat (if your hair is like mine) and your make up looking like the bride of Frankenstein. There was no relief AT ALL! The wind didn't move. And even more attractive than my hair and face....were my clothes, sopping wet and stuck to me. As if anyone even needs to see any more of my CURVES!!! Poor Shannon looked the same only without the hair and make-up. Why did he wear JEANS???? But Sam and Fulton didn't have a care in the world and thought everything was grand! Sometimes I wish I could be more like them.

All in all, it truly was fun. It was very nice to meet more of Shannon's collegues. They provided a very nice time for all of us.

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