Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ya gotta love a good girls night!

L to R: Katherine, Helen, Anna, Kathleen, Mary Kent, Claudia, Eron, Alicia, and Mason

Kathleen is here and we scheduled our usual dinner out with the girls. I just love it! Though we truly missed Meredith, Sazy, and Jenny, we were glad that Mary Kent and Alicia joined us. There was lots of talk of nutrition, cosmetic surgery, babies, gossip and old times. Having grown up in Columbia together, we have so many great stories to share. We may not have all gone to the same schools but we ran in the same circles and have known each other for years. Every time we get together we have so much fun that none of us want to go home.

A note to the G-friends: Thanks for making me laugh so hard that my face hurts. Y'all are such unique individuals and a little kick to my life. I am proud to say I know you!!!

A note to Katy-bird: You may be many miles away but for some reason I feel like you're still right down the street. Thanks for taking time out to spend with us. Sam and Fulton enjoy seeing you Elizabeth and Ford. One of these days we'll get it right and get to see precious Brad too. It's a shame he has a job to get back to in Cali.... :-) Don't fret Girlfriend, December will be here before you know it. Be thinking of where we'll go to dinner!!!! XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOO

Expecting lots of joy! Mason (#3), Helen (#1), Anna (#2)

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