Monday, July 09, 2007

Fourth of July

Brotherly Love!
Sam and Fulton...On the Rocks!

We spent the Fourth of July at the beach with Muzzy and Boppa. It was crazy and fun as usual. The boys got to do so many fun things.

(And I swear my mom and I were there but for some reason there are NO pictures of us. I guess that's partially because we're ALWAYS the ones behind the camera.)

Fulton and Boppa on a stroll down the beach

I feel the wind in my hair!!!
Fu enjoys the view from the balcony
Fu and Boppa lounging in the AM Swinging with Daddy
Sam and Fulton playing on the beach
Up in the' a bird, it's a plane, it's...A beautiful kite!

Uncle NicNic and his girlfriend Jenny
Nic sitting in Fulton's chair
Sam and Fulton enjoy a treat after dinner
Decked out in glow necklaces and ready for the fireworks

Shannon and Fulton enjoy the fireworks

Sam fishing off the pier
Shannon, Sam, Boppa, and Fulton watch the Fouth parade.
Muzzy, Boppa, and Fulton across the way
We dug a hole and burried Fulton and Sam

My Dad's poor driving skills He thinks he has to drive in the middle of the road just in case he gets an opportunity to pass the car in front of him. Nevermind the fact that he's already going 110 mph he still thinks he needs to pass!!!
We sent Boppa to get a Golf Cart and he came back w/ a six seater BUS! Sometimes I wonder...
Sam and Fulton enjoyed the Stingray tank at the Aquarium

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