Friday, July 20, 2007

Sunny Days

Thank God for Play-doh! My poor bored children wouldn't know what to do without watercolors and play-doh. Sam and Fulton took a break for the scortching heat to mold, twist, and roll their masterpieces. Sam likes the Play-doh popcorn maker and Fulton likes to just hammer it and use the cookie cutters. Surprisingly, Fulton doesn't eat it and they'll sit and play for a good 45 mins. to an hour!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

No occasion night out

Me, Brooks, and April
I enjoyed a no occasion girls night with Brooks and April. Moms need breaks every now and then! Thank the Lord I have a husband who gets that! We enjoyed a tasty dinner at Mr. Friendly's and hashed through some fabulous girly topics. We were sad that our girlfriend, Donna couldn't come. But I'm sure she won't miss the next one!!!

Chef Sam:Episode 2

Sam has enjoyed learning to bake several things this summer. Today we made Brownies. He helped me crack the eggs and add all the ingredients. He stirred it and spread it into the pan. But his favorite part was licking the spoon and bowl!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Uncle Sam and his side-kick Fulton

I thought this was cute...
Sam July 4th 2004
at the Pawley's Parade
Sam July 4th 2007
At the Garden City Parade
Fulton July 4th 2007
At the Garden City Parade

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We all know I'm Slack!

Sorry!!!! I fell down on the job again. No promises this time. Be sure to read all of June's posts too. You can click on "June" on the right of the page. Happy Blog Reading!!!

Ya gotta love a good girls night!

L to R: Katherine, Helen, Anna, Kathleen, Mary Kent, Claudia, Eron, Alicia, and Mason

Kathleen is here and we scheduled our usual dinner out with the girls. I just love it! Though we truly missed Meredith, Sazy, and Jenny, we were glad that Mary Kent and Alicia joined us. There was lots of talk of nutrition, cosmetic surgery, babies, gossip and old times. Having grown up in Columbia together, we have so many great stories to share. We may not have all gone to the same schools but we ran in the same circles and have known each other for years. Every time we get together we have so much fun that none of us want to go home.

A note to the G-friends: Thanks for making me laugh so hard that my face hurts. Y'all are such unique individuals and a little kick to my life. I am proud to say I know you!!!

A note to Katy-bird: You may be many miles away but for some reason I feel like you're still right down the street. Thanks for taking time out to spend with us. Sam and Fulton enjoy seeing you Elizabeth and Ford. One of these days we'll get it right and get to see precious Brad too. It's a shame he has a job to get back to in Cali.... :-) Don't fret Girlfriend, December will be here before you know it. Be thinking of where we'll go to dinner!!!! XXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOO

Expecting lots of joy! Mason (#3), Helen (#1), Anna (#2)

Monday, July 16, 2007

A great play date

We met our friends at Leapin' Lizards for a play date. Mommies, Lisa, Brooks and Claudia enjoyed the A/C while Sam, Fulton, Charlie, Baby Brooks, and Janie ran wild and free. The jumped and ran and jumped some more. Needless to say, my boys were nicely tuckered out!
Sam, Janie, and Charlie...Super Cute!!
Too much Fun!!!
Medieval Batman...I'm not sure of what kind of look the Fu baby was going for??? Whatever it was, he liked it because he ran around like that for an hour and a half.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A date with Muzzy

Sam and Muzzy spent the day together at her house. Sam had so much fun. I don't think he wanted to come home. They played and watched a movie together. They even baked cookies that Shannon and I didn't have a problem consuming. Good work, Sam!!!! They were very tasty and homemade, no slicin' and bakin' in Muzzy's kitchen.
Sam cracking the eggs
and using the mixer
and every good cook samples his masterpiece

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Another play date

My buddy, Kathleen is in town again. So we got all the kids together for a play date. Mason so graciously invited us to trash her playroom and on her birthday, no less. Elizabeth and Ford are so cute and they have grown so much since December. Elizabeth doesn't get to see Sam and Fulton or Mason and Robert that frequently so she had trouble remembering their names. Mason was simply "the blue shirt" and Sam was "the white shirt". It was hilarious every time she tried to tell us something. Ford and Fulton didn't know what to think of the big kids. Bless their hearts. They made it out of the war zone all in one piece.
Poor Mason's house will never be the same!
What a ZOO!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Fourth of July

Brotherly Love!
Sam and Fulton...On the Rocks!

We spent the Fourth of July at the beach with Muzzy and Boppa. It was crazy and fun as usual. The boys got to do so many fun things.

(And I swear my mom and I were there but for some reason there are NO pictures of us. I guess that's partially because we're ALWAYS the ones behind the camera.)

Fulton and Boppa on a stroll down the beach

I feel the wind in my hair!!!
Fu enjoys the view from the balcony
Fu and Boppa lounging in the AM Swinging with Daddy
Sam and Fulton playing on the beach
Up in the' a bird, it's a plane, it's...A beautiful kite!

Uncle NicNic and his girlfriend Jenny
Nic sitting in Fulton's chair
Sam and Fulton enjoy a treat after dinner
Decked out in glow necklaces and ready for the fireworks

Shannon and Fulton enjoy the fireworks

Sam fishing off the pier
Shannon, Sam, Boppa, and Fulton watch the Fouth parade.
Muzzy, Boppa, and Fulton across the way
We dug a hole and burried Fulton and Sam

My Dad's poor driving skills He thinks he has to drive in the middle of the road just in case he gets an opportunity to pass the car in front of him. Nevermind the fact that he's already going 110 mph he still thinks he needs to pass!!!
We sent Boppa to get a Golf Cart and he came back w/ a six seater BUS! Sometimes I wonder...
Sam and Fulton enjoyed the Stingray tank at the Aquarium