Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well Well Well...

Okay so we celebrated our 1 year blog anniversary and then...we fell off the map!

Here's a somewhat brief overview of the last 6 weeks:

My job sucked the life out of me with writing 10 billion IEP's for student enrolled in Speech Therapy, logging over 250 hours of Medicaid documentation, packing up my classroom and moving out of the land of Pelion and back into my home with my sweet babies. So now I can say that I did give Speech Therapy a second chance and decided once and for all that ALL THE RED TAPE IS NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT WORTH IT. Being a public educator in some ways should be considered highway robbery on the government's part.

Any who...Here we go.

April 22nd

Happy Christening to Lillian Elise Kirkland daughter of Anna (Rock) and Kevin Kirkland! Lilly was Christened at St. John's and she was a perfect ANGEL! Anna asked me to be her Parish sponsor and I was delighted because she is Fulton's Parish sponsor. Following the ceremony we attended a luncheon held at Anna's house.

Kevin, Anna, The Rev. Fletcher Montgomery, and Lilly

Lilly-ba-dilly and FuFu pose in the grass. Seriously, are they not the cutest couple, EVER!!!

(Lilly and Fulton don't know that we have already arranged their marriage!)

April 26th

Edventure Edstravaganza Preview Party. Brooks and I served a Co-Chairs on this committee for the Edventure Children's Museum Discovery Council. We raced around frantically along with some amazingly brilliant women to prepare this super fun event. It was open to Museum Members only and we had a great time in the Carnival-like atmosphere. We did lots of fun crafts and played all over the Museum's outdoor attractions. This even was tied into the Columbia Festival of the Arts. Shannon brought the boys out while I helped hold down the fort for the event.

Sam and Charlie being silly, as usual

Sam making a souvenir T-shirt

Baby Brooks and Fu look less than thrilled to be strapped into their strollers

April 28th (?)
Sam completes soccer season with a bang! Coach Brandon literally picked him up from the sidelines, threw him over his shoulder and said "Sam, I need you buddy." Sam stood on the field for all of 30 seconds. We were so proud!!! The season concluded with the trophy ceremony and cookout at Hollywood Park.

Yeah! Sam!!!!!

The awards ceremony begins

Sam gets his trophy

Go on--- take the trophy and run...

(He really was proud...He is a man of few words and expressions.)

Go Big Red!!!!!!!!!!!

I made soccer cupcakes

Now that's a cookout!!!!

Sam and Coach Brandon

April 29th
My niece, Isabella turned two on the 17th of April and celebrated her birthday on the 29th. I was unable to go to Summerville because of my volunteer obligation with Edventure, so Shannon packed up the boys and headed out of town.

Happy 2nd birthday, Isabella!

And somewhere in the month we went to a fun cookout at some family friends' house. We had karaoke and fabulous Barbecue. The boys danced and played all evening.

Muzzy and Fu Dance to Boppa's singing

Me, Julia, and Cathy break out in song

Wrestling with Sam

Boppa and Muzzy pose for a picture

And that sums up April. Stay tuned for May.

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WOW! Your cupcakes are awesome!
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