Friday, June 08, 2007

May 2007

May 12th
The Forest Acres Festival

We went to the neighborhood festival held at AC Flora. There were several area merchants and food vendors. We rode some fun rides, helped find a missing child, and even saw COCKY!!!

We topped off the evening with the Kelleys at their house. We cooked out and the kids played in the pool and on the slip-n-slide.
Mommy, Sam, and Spiderman rode on the spinning Strawberries

A very Cocky family!

Sam says "Cheese-burger"

Fulton stands his ground with Alec over the watermelon.

AHHHHH...the taste of Summer!

Anna and Jack enjoy a slice too.
May 15th
Sam and Fulton's last day of school. I can't believe another school year has passed. It went by so fast! Sam successfully completed the 3's and Fulton passed all his exams in the baby room.

Mrs. Cindy and Mrs. Eleanor say so-long to Fu

Mrs. Frannie is the BEST!!!!

Sam's class picnic.

May 18th
Save the Pigs Cook-off benefiting the Carolina Children's Home. Dad has been performing for this event for several years. We enjoy going and tasting all the good food samples for the cook-off. But the entertainment is the best by far!
Isabella stayed with Muzzy and Boppa for the weekend so she came with us and Sam and Fulton truly enjoyed her company.

Boppa singing with his band The Sensational Epics

Sam watching Boppa
Fu enjoying a hamburger and watching Boppa

Sam and Isabella playing

Sam and Fu dancing

May 19th
ST-4 Party
Shannon and I enjoyed a night out with lots of friends for the ST-4 party at the Coop. Bandkamp played and kept the party going until the wee hours. We went to the Wheelers' house for the after-the-party-wind-down.
Shannon and I recognized our cold-harsh reality.....we are no longer in college and 3 AM takes weeks to recover from!!!
Brooks, Summer, and Me
David, Shannon, Will, and Greg

May 26th
My niece, Madeline, celebrated her 2nd birthday at this really neat cabin in Lexington. It's very secluded and on a pretty pond. There was lots of room for the kids to run and play. She looked so sweet in her ladybug dress!
Madeline and Aunt "T".

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